Ultimate Awakening Immersion (mp3 download)

Please join best-selling author and spiritual teacher Matt Kahn and sound healer Julie Dittmar for a life-changing journey into heart-centered consciousness.

Ultimate Awakening Immersion (mp3 download)

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Have you always known there is a deeper purpose for you to fulfill? Are you ready to discover the true spiritual adventure you came to explore? Isn’t it time to release all limitations and reignite the spark of excitement, passion, and inspiration throughout your life? If so, please join best-selling author and spiritual teacher Matt Kahn and sound healer Julie Dittmar for a life-changing journey into heart-centered consciousness. Simply by listening and absorbing the healing energies encoded in the words in these audios, you are able to discover the true joy of spiritual evolution with compassion, peace, and ease. If you are ready to transform personal frustration into the grace of emotional freedom, then this audio package is ideal for your journey ahead.

Ultimate Awakening is an opportunity to:

  • Explore a new spiritual paradigm that is rooted in love
  • Make peace with loss and change to reclaim the power of your Divinity
  • Unravel the ego in the most profound and heart-centered way
  • Discover the importance of self-love as a catalyst for awakening
  • Align with the truth of your soul’s highest purpose once and for all

This special package of teachings includes 3 hours of energetically-fueled downloads. It is a collection of hits and highlights from the November 2015 Grass Valley, CA weekend immersion.

Track #1 – Exploring a New Spiritual Paradigm
Explore the cultivation of unconditional love as a fundamental way to enter the doorway of a new inner reality. This track includes making peace with darkness and returning it to the light for the well-being of all.
1 hr.  

Track #2 – Making Peace with Loss and Change
Learn how loss and change are divine catalysts of spiritual expansion in this deeply-healing and thought-provoking transmission. This track helps you discover true acceptance in the most authentic and heart-centered way.
34 mins.  

Track #3 – Unraveling the Ego
How do you evolve beyond the boundaries of ego without rejecting or denying any aspect of self along the way? This track clarifies the deeper aspects of the spiritual journey to help you find the grace of emotional freedom with simplicity and ease.
15 mins.  

Track #4 – The Importance of Loving Yourself
Start you own love revolution by learning the importance and fundamentals of heart-centered consciousness. This helps you reclaim your power to embody your light for the evolution of your journey and beyond.
35 mins.   

Track #5 – The “I Love You” Song
Join Julie Dittmar in an interactive vocal experience of embracing all aspects of self with greater enthusiasm, acceptance, and compassion. Join in this interactive experience to help you integrate Matt Kahn’s transmission of presence on a cellular level to inspire even greater healing and profound transformation.  
4 mins.  

Track #6 – Aligning with Truth
Align with the highest truth of your eternal being to welcome the clarity, peace, passion, and fulfillment that you so truly deserve. This track allows alignment with Divinity to be a gift you are here to receive instead of something for you to seek, lose, or maintain.
30 mins.