Love Always Wins (mp3 download)

Do you yearn for oneness with Source and to know the ecstasy of true emotional freedom? Please join us for a life-changing adventure throughout the heart of awakening. 8 tracks with a total running time: 8 hours, 22 mins.

Love Always Wins (mp3 download)

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Total running time: 8 hours, 22 mins.

Do you yearn for oneness with Source and to know the ecstasy of true emotional freedom? Isn’t it time to feel safe and at peace in your body, no matter how the world seems to be? Are you ready to transform your reality with the highest vibration in existence? 

If so, then please join best-selling author and spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn along with sound healer and meditation guide, Julie Dittmar for a life-changing adventure throughout the heart of awakening. Recorded during their Fall 2016 “Loving What Arises” tour, this collection of teachings and transmissions will have you laughing your way to a more happy, joyful, and liberated existence. 

If you’re ready to dissolve each distraction and venture beyond all barriers, this audio package is perfect for all stages of spiritual evolution.

Track Listings & Descriptions: 

Track #1 – Introduction & Meditation (Dallas, TX)–This download begins with an introduction to the inner workings of Matt Kahn’s transmission of presence. This track also includes a guided meditation from Julie Dittmar to help you open your heart to receive the healing energy transmitted throughout this audio package. 

Track #2 – Open Your Mind, Open Your Heart (Dallas, TX) – Matt highlights the importance of heart-centered consciousness as one of the biggest secrets to spiritual evolution. This track also includes a direct experience of surrender beyond the boundaries of defensiveness, fear, and blame. 

Track #3 – Aligning with Love (Austin, TX) – Offered through Matt’s unique blend of insight and humor, this transmission helps embrace the light of your true nature in the most peaceful, gentle, and loving way. This track also includes a deeper look at the relationship between love and time, how it relates to manifesting abundance, as well as the salvation of the soul. 

Track #4 – Meditation & OM  (Asheville, NC) – Join Julie for a restful and restorative guided meditation for greater integration of the healing energies received throughout this audio package. This track also includes the chanting of OM to assist in the expansion of your energy field. 

Track #5 – Exploring Spirituality as Liberation (Asheville, NC) – As a way of creating a sacred space for your deepest spiritual exploration to occur, Matt helps you unravel the nature of anger, tension, and resistance through a profound two-step process. This track also includes clarity on manifesting, the most direct way to surrender, as well as the truth about letting go.  

Track #6 – The Grace of Your Own Beauty (Asheville, NC) – To uplift your self-worth, integrate your ego, and deepen your relationship with self-acceptance, Matt assists you in recognizing the nature of your divinity as the inherent innocence and beauty within you. This track also features the best way to be a catalyst of awakening consciousness, as well as breaking the cycle of co-dependent relationships. 

Track #7 – Intro, Breath, & OM  (Minneapolis, MN) Enjoy a moment of grounding rejuvenation as Julie leads an experience of guided breathwork. This track also includes the chanting of OM to further align your heart with the light of Source energy.

Track #8 – Reclaiming Your Blame-Free Power (Minneapolis, MN) – Resolve the source of human suffering by reclaiming your power through this profoundly-healing transmission. This track also includes how to be powerful and heart-centered at the same time, no longer being your own personal problem, and healing memories of victimhood.