Loving What Arises

Are you tired of the endless waves of emotional purging? Are you ready to welcome in all the gifts that every moment is here to provide? Isn’t it time to fulfill your highest destiny as a living anchor of heart-centered consciousness?

Loving What Arises

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Total running time: 14 hours

If so, please join us for a life-change adventure into the heart of eternal love. Coinciding with the release of Matt Kahn’s first book, “Whatever Arises, Love That,” this retreat is an opportunity to deepen your practice of self-love as a way of activating the most profound healing, awakening, and transformation you are here to experience.

If you’re ready to discover the single-most powerful energetic catalyst that raises the vibration of an entire planet in the most nurturing, supportive, and fulfilling way, this retreat is for you.

Please join us for these 14 hours of nourishing, uplifting, often hilarious, peaceful, and powerful teachings from this miraculous 5-day retreat.

This retreat package includes life-changing new teachings about: 

  • Awakening the recognition of beauty
  • How to integrate darkness with simplicity and ease
  • Exploring the power of confidence
  • Embracing the importance of commitment
  • How lengthening your attention span is a catalyst for awakening
  • The paradox of ascension

Track #1 - Julie’s Meditation/OM’s

Creating a sacred space to assist in the integration of the energies received through Matt’s transmission, Julie offers a rejuvenating guided meditation and the chanting of OM. This supports the unraveling of the overstimulated nervous system and the lengthening of your attention span, so a more expanded heart-centered consciousness can dawn within you.

9 mins.

Track #2 - Remembering Heaven
As an introduction to the retreat, Matt discusses the evolution of his energetic transmission and how it can inspire your deepest realizations and most profound healing experience. In this track, Matt also describes a more honest form of acceptance as your first bold step in loving what arises.

1 hr. 30 mins.

Track #3 - Julie’s “Ah” Chant
Join Julie in chanting the seed syllable of the heart chakra to open your heart and ground your energy field. Through this chant, a more integrated form of expansion can permeate your being in the most compassionate, gentle, and joyful way.

7 mins.

Track #4 - Beyond Separation
To inspire your most miraculous transformation, Matt offers insights to guide you beyond beliefs in separation by revealing a short attention span as an essential root of human suffering. This track includes a new way of interacting with others by learning how to nurture your relationships with openness, honesty and heart-centered care.

50 mins.

Track #5 - The Way is the Way
Step further into the heart of surrender and align with the perfection of Divine Will through this light-hearted and deeply clarifying teaching. This track includes releasing judgments toward moments of discomfort to transform personal friction into experiences of greater faith.

27 mins.

Track #6 - Q&A #1 – “Why Am I Not Present?”
As a way of helping a participant discover a deeper truth within their question, Matt demonstrates “the unraveling method” taught to him by the Universe. As each layer of limiting beliefs is undone, an unassuming answer is revealed to inspire greater clarity, healing, and transformation.

7 mins.

Track #7 - Q&A #2 – “Why Do Only My Spoken Words Seem to Manifest?”
Venture beyond superstitious understandings of manifestation to reclaim your power through this lucid and timely dialogue. This track also includes a spontaneous teaching to wake up dormant aspects of self in a surprising new way.

33 mins.

Track #8- The Recognition of Beauty Part 1
To help deepen your self-love practice, Matt describes the expansion of consciousness as the recognition of beauty waking up within you. As you fall deeper in love with the truth of who you are, the endearing innocence and eternal beauty of all becomes easier and more natural to recognize.

58 mins.

Track #9 - The Power of Confidence
Matt discusses the unique spiritual journey of an energetically-sensitive soul and the importance self-confidence plays in awakening heart-centered consciousness. When self-confidence is no longer confused with arrogance or ego, you are able to stand in the light of your true Divine power for the benefit of everyone you encounter.

1 hr. 8 mins.

Track #10 - Integrating Darkness
Join Matt to explore the spiritual relevance of darkness and its essential purpose to help you awaken the light of your eternal being. This track also includes a deeper look at the most powerful two-word phrase of empathy that assists in healing the shadow for the evolution of your journey.

1 hr. 3 mins.

Track #11 - The Recognition of Beauty Part 2
Beginning with a lucid story to help you embrace your individuality at a more intimate level, Matt guides you into the purity, simplicity, and ecstasy of your true nature. This track includes the importance of becoming your own ally and recognizing the highest purpose in each attribute.

1 hr. 11 mins.

Track #12 - Julie’s Ganesha Chant
Join Julie in invoking the divine power of Ganesha. As the remover of obstacles, and symbol of new beginnings, Ganesha is a swift healer who assists in transforming your reality with softness, gentleness, and joy.

6 mins.

Track #13 - Julie’s Ganesha Talk & Oms
With light-hearted joy, Matt and Julie discuss the grace of being imperfect, which sets the stage for the nourishing power of the OM chant.

17 mins.

Track #14 - Julie’s Post Chant Meditation
As a way on deepening the healing power of chanting, Matt and Julie invite you to settle into present moment reality through this relaxing guided meditation.

3 mins.

Track #15 - The Importance of Commitment Part 1
Beginning with a heart-centered clarification on the symbolism of Hindu Gods, Angels, and Ascended Masters, Matt invites you to embrace the bravery of your most inspired choices, as a way of cultivating the quality of commitment throughout your life. When you fully commit to embracing the timeless gift of life, instead of merely existing within it, you are able to discover the infinite abundance, unwavering peace, true joy, and eternal love that is always alive within you.

1 hr. 13 mins.

Track #16 - Julie’s Thank You Meditation
Join Julie as she helps you unravel the overstimulated nervous system with ease, openness, and heartfelt gratitude.

4 mins.

Track #17 - Q&A #3 – “What’s My Role in the Global Transition?”
In response to concern about worldly affairs, Matt unravels limiting superstitious beliefs to reveal a reality of unity consciousness that embraces the light of all.

6 mins.

Track #18 - Q&A #4 – “What’s Wrong with Me?”
Using the “Subtraction Method,” Matt clarifies a common empathic tendency as a way of transforming self-doubt and confusion into clarity, peace, and ease.

9 mins.

Track #19 - The Importance of Commitment Part 2
As a way of furthering his teaching on the importance of commitment, Matt invites you to recognize the immediate action steps that can help you transform your reality. Even if the most courageous decisions cause your ego to be inconvenienced, uncomfortable, or frustrated, the Universe always conspires in your highest favor when your most-inspired choices lead the way.

30 mins.

Track #20 - I’m the Love Within It
Offered as a “repeat after me” exercise, Matt intuitively offers a profoundly healing mantra to inspire greater realizations to awaken within you.

3 mins.

Track #21 - Julie’s Mindfulness Meditation
Join Julie as she helps you pause, feel, and notice the activity of mind and body as a way of creating more peace, unity, and spaciousness throughout your experience.

7 mins.

Track #22 - Spiritual Balance
To further unravel the overstimulated nervous system, Matt offers a profoundly healing transmission of energy to assist you in discovering renewed freedom and fulfillment. When space and form are equally respected, the beauty of life’s eternal joy is revealed.

46 mins.

Track #23 - Q&A 5: “How Do I Lengthen My Attention Span?”
Matt discusses the subtleties of expanding attention and committing to a life of passion. Whether reading out loud or becoming aligned with the breath, the lengthening of your attention invites the body to relax, so your heart may open with greater peace of mind.

46 mins.

Track #24 - Q&A 6: “It’s All About Balance”
Matt clarifies a common misunderstanding between being and doing, so you may move forward in a more inspired and integrated way.

5 mins.

Track #25 - Enjoy This World
As a sign of the spiritual times, Matt discusses the role of technology in either bringing humanity together or creating a new form of addiction to feed the ego. When technology is embraced with mindfulness, you are able to wholeheartedly enjoy your life without sleepwalking through it.

24 mins.

Track #26 - The Simplicity of Surrender
Through the sharing of a brand-new mantra he recently received from the Universe, Matt assists you in awakening the power of your mind as the conscious navigator of the body. This track also includes surrendering attachments to the meaning of labels, so you may see everything in view, as the light of Divinity in form.

51 mins.

Track #27 - The Paradox of Ascension
Matt offers some key clarifications to allow your most fulfilling reality to unfold. When your life is seen as a journey of infinite realizations, instead of imagined as one auspicious moment in time, you continually expand with each passing insight without needing to keep it straight or be attached to one particular way.

1 hr. 2 mins.