How to Love

In order to be the most aligned with the Universe, it is essential to be centered in an open, loving heart. The question is, how do you do that?

How to Love

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Total running time: 5 hrs. 42 mins.

Join us for the most potent teachings from our May 2016 Grass Valley weekend retreat.

This collection of audio highlights was recorded at the May 2016 Grass Valley, California weekend retreat with best-selling author and spiritual teacher Matt Kahn and meditation guide Julie Dittmar.

In order to be the most aligned with the Universe, it is essential to be centered in an open, loving heart. The question is, how do you do that? How do you transform patterns of pain, sorrow, anger, fear, self-doubt, and regret into a life of faith, inspiration, passion, confidence, peace and joy? These questions and more will be answered, as Matt Kahn guides you through a deeply-healing and energetically-transformative exploration of heart-centered consciousness. If you are ready to become the love you've always desired, then this package of audio downloads is ideal for your evolution.

This audio package is an opportunity to:

  • Become more thoughtful and kind toward yourself with gentleness, simplicity, and ease
  • Transform fears of the unknown into a heartfelt desire to feel worthy of change
  • Learn how to be a better listener, receiver, and witness of Divine grace throughout your life
  • Discover the purity, wholeness, and perfection of each moment by viewing reality through eyes of the Universe

Track #1 – Steeping in Thoughtfulness
This track begins with a guided meditation from Julie Dittmar to help you ground, so you may fully receive Matt Kahn’s transmission of healing energy at the deepest possible level. This track highlights the journey of heart-centered consciousness as a cultivation of ever-growing thoughtfulness. As you accept each moment, as opportunities to be more thoughtful with yourself and others, all aspects of life are given permission to transform on their own.

2 hrs.

Track #2 – Redefining the Law of Intention

This track assists you in exploring the deeper meaning of intention, as a way of aligning with the will of the Universe to awaken your highest destiny and support the evolution of all. By aligning with the inspired actions of your highest intention, you no longer match the vibration of the world so you can then welcome in the relief, peace, freedom, abundance, and ease that your heart desires.

1 hr. 30 mins.

Track #3 – Savoring Your Divinity
Beginning with a personal sharing of his vivid energetic experiences, Matt Kahn invites you to directly sense the purity, wholeness, and perfection of your true divine nature – just as you are. By learning to take your time with each stage of spiritual evolution, you invite the heaven within you to be revealed. This track also includes the popular healing, spontaneous, and intuitive interactive “repeat after me” exercises that the live events have become known for. They help you discover new horizons of emotional freedom in the most visceral, transformative, and authentic way. By saying the words aloud, you explore your soul’s deepest truths for yourself.
1 hr. 12 mins.

Track #4 – Your Questions Answered
Beginning with a deeper understanding of how the expansion of awakening consciousness prevents the doomsday scenarios of conspiracy theories from playing out, Matt Kahn offers intuitive insights into life’s deepest questions. This track includes Matt sharing never-before-heard details about his personal journey, while offering messages to clarify what happens to souls after suicide, the life review that occurs in Heaven, unraveling the inner grip of fear, and surrendering to the Light of Divinity.

1 hr.