Feel Good Now

What does it mean to create Heaven on Earth? How would your life change if you could unleash the power of your infinite potential?

Feel Good Now

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Total running time: 15 hours and 28 minutes

Isn’t it time to transforms fear, overwhelm, and exhaustion into a celebration of passion, inspiration, fulfillment, and excitement? Are you ready to align with the Universe to create the most miraculous life that you came here to discover? 

If so, you won't want to miss a moment of this collection of life-changing wisdom. Recorded over the course of the March 2017 "Feel Good Now" 5-day Soul Convergence, Matt Kahn and Julie Dittmar offer an integrated approach to spiritual evolution that shifts your reality with love, compassion, and tons of laughter. 

Everyone is still abuzz from the transmissions of energies and teaching that were offered during this 5-day event, and now you can experience all the excitement for yourself. If you are ready to move beyond the endless layers of healing and step to the forefront of your most passionate and inspired existence, then this download package is a perfect companion for your journey ahead. 

Track #1 - Feel Good Now (Part 1)
Beginning with anecdotes about his spiritual journey, Matt teaches how to feel good now no matter the circumstances you are facing. This track also includes the necessity of being honest about your human experiences, life beyond questions, and the pitfalls of having too many options.

1 hour, 24 mins.

Track #2 - Opening Chant & Meditation
As a way of becoming more at peace with your body, join Julie for this introduction to the chanting of Om. This track also includes a guided meditation to increase your self-awareness, expand your consciousness, and assist the body in integrating the energy transmitted through Matt’s teachings.

20 mins.

Track #3 - How Do You Know?
As a way of embracing your true heart-centered nature, Matt offers a transmission to free you from limiting beliefs in narcissism. This track also includes waking up from the spiritual ego, being a healer in the new paradigm, and the most unsuspecting doorway to greater intimacy.

1 hour, 9 mins.

Track #4 - Feel Good Now (Part 2)
To further your ability to feel good now, Matt invites you to commune with present moment reality in the most humorous and heart-centered way. This track also includes what it really means to get what you want, how to energetically lead by example, and the effortless nature of perfection.

50 mins.

Track #5 - Drum Chant
To help you get more in touch with the primal aspect of your consciousness, join Julie and the group for this deeply grounding root chakra chant. As you entrain to the rhythm of the drumming, it further balances your mind, breath, and heart to inspire greater energetic harmony and integrative healing.

6 mins.

Track #6 - The Divinity of Breath (Part 1)
To help you fully absorb the primary teachings of “Feel Good Now,” Matt points to the importance of breath as a primary doorway into absolute wellness. This track also includes exploring the highest spiritual practice, understanding illness as spiritual initiation, and how to be more open with peace and ease.

1 hour, 4 mins.

Track #7 - Chant Intro & Chimes
This is a deeper journey into the experience of Om as a home tone, as familiar as our own heartbeat. It helps us to viscerally know unity consciousness and to feel our place in the Universe. Chanting the Om mantra allows us to cleanse, purify, and tonify the chakras, as it awakens our consciousness. This is an opportunity to give ourselves to the breath and to the chant as an act of devotion and self-nurturance.

25 mins.

Track #8 - Your Natural State is Goodness
Matt helps you commune with goodness as your natural state of being through this clarifying and insightful teaching. This track also includes spirituality beyond a need for self-improvement, the relationship between ego and breathing, as well as seeing others through the eyes of compassion.

1 hour, 12 mins.

Track #9 - I Love You & Aham Prema Chant
Join Julie and the group for this moment of cultivating unconditional love through the “I love you” practice. This track also includes the “I love you” song as well as the chanting of Aham Prema, which is Sanskrit for “I am divine love.”

16 mins.

Track #10 - The Inner Detective
Explore the subtle nuances of egoic patterning through this humorous and illuminating transmission. This track also includes the two limiting conclusions of self-doubt, the ego’s inability to recognize truth, as well as the ever-changing nature of relationships.

27 mins.

Track #11 - Beyond Fairness

As a way of unraveling the inner detective and liberating you from perceptions of skepticism and injustice, Matt offers you a fresh perspective on the notion of fairness. This track also includes embracing unfairness as a means of surrender, the liberation of caring too much, and making peace with time.

1 hour, 13 mins.

Track #12 - Chime Meditation
This meditative track features Julie playing a series of Zaphir chimes. Each one is tuned by hand and has its own beautifully melodious and circular flow. The soothing, healing, whimsical, dream-like, evocative, lilting, reminiscent chimes serve to stir inner innocence alive.

13 mins.

Track #13 - The Divinity of Breath (Part 2)
As a deeper exploration into the relationship between Divinity and breath, Matt offers an adventure of self-inquiry to reveal the truth of your eternal nature. This track also includes the mystery of trying to find yourself, the joy of being undefined, as well as a profound way of answering the question, “Who am I?”

54 mins.

Track #14 - Breaths, Jai Ma & Om
Join Julie in further integrating the healing energy of each track through the practice of mindful breathing. This track also includes honoring the anchoring of the Divine feminine on the planet, the chanting of Jai Ma, which is Sanskrit for “Victory of the Divine Mother,” as well as the chanting of Om.

30 mins.

Track #15 - Showing Innocence Respect
To help you balance the masculine and feminine energies within you, Matt points to the importance of respecting your innocence as a way of cultivating heart-centered consciousness. This track also includes the pitfall of neglecting your emotional needs while spiritually working on yourself, fearing the love you desire most, and dealing with the righteous and skeptical viewpoints of others.

1 hour, 6 mins.

Track #16 - The Gift of Admiration
Matt offers the secret to overcoming the ego’s battle with boredom through this light-hearted and insightful transmission. This track also includes how spaciousness unravels impatience, surrendering the need to wait, and connecting with the light of another.

31 mins.

Track #17 - Meditation & Om Shanti
Join Julie for a guided meditation to promote greater self-acceptance and unconditional love. This track also includes the chanting of Om Shanti, which is the Sanskrit invocation for peace.

15 mins.

Track #18 - The S.O.U.L
As a preview of his upcoming new book, “Beyond All Barriers,” Matt interprets the soul as an acronym for self-realization. This track also includes lots of laughs with a hilarious look at the spiritual ego, how to eat in a way that best supports your body (what about gluten-free, fruits, vegetables, being vegan, or paleo diets? It’s all covered here...), and acknowledging each person’s best efforts in spite of their behavior.

1 hour, 28 mins.

Track #19 - Ram Chant
Join Julie and the group for the chanting of Ram, which is a Sanskrit invocation for “Spiritual Victory.” This track is way of harmonizing with the Oneness of divinity and moving energy in the body through chanting, the vibrations of the drum, and the soul soothing rainstick.

14 mins.

Track #20 - The Secret to Feeling Good Now
Beginning with a brief sharing of his energetic upgrade and download process, Matt reveals the secret to feeling good as a willingness to serve the light that unconditionally serves your highest evolution. This track includes exploring divinity beyond mental concepts as well as the real relationship between happiness and manifestation.

1 hour, 4 mins.

Track #21 - Julie’s Healing Journey
Explore the depths of surrender by learning about Julie’s healing journey that has unfolded throughout her dedicated service to humanity. This track serves to provide renewed appreciation for the importance of the simple things in life that get so easily overlooked in our daily schedules.

7 mins.

Track #22 - Matt & Julie’s Journey
As a way of furthering your visceral experience of surrender, Matt & Julie share never-before-heard insights about their life journey together. This track assists you in exploring the ever-changing and indestructible nature of eternal love.

6 mins.

Track #23 - Feel Good Now, Just Because
In his final message at the “Feel Good Now” Soul Convergence, Matt helps you embrace the human journey that ultimately chose you. This track includes a series of inspired questions to help you live out the miracle of your reality at full capacity.

31 mins.