Embracing the Beloved

If you’re ready to awaken your life purpose in the most direct and heart-centered way, and finally release the struggles and strife to lead an emotionally free life for yourself and for the well-being of all, then join this deep journey of transformation.

Embracing the Beloved

Total running time: 7 hours, 18 minutes

Fully immerse yourself in an exploration beyond the surface of your everyday encounters, and you will discover a reality of eternal love that celebrates itself throughout all moments in time.

This retreat experience is an opportunity to explore the deepest truth of your being, uncover your hidden intuitive gifts, learn how to navigate time and space from a fifth-dimensional perspective, activate the miracles, magic, and mystery of your soul's reality, and serve the awakening of humanity by stepping into your full potential.

If your heart is ready to end all the seeking and suffering, and to live as the light of love—this is for you!

The “Embracing the Beloved” retreat audios are a chance for you to:

  • End your fight against life and enter the heart of surrender
  • Unravel all patterns of doubt, desperation, and loneliness in the most direct and effortless way
  • Awaken your soul’s inner smile to shift reality for the liberation of all
  • Transcend your human barriers and enter the oneness of the 5th dimension
  • Unlocking the secret to true happiness, joy, and fulfillment – once and for all
  • Transform the pitfalls of everyday life into sacred ground of your highest destiny
  • Understand your true purpose of awakening and fulfill it for the evolution of humanity

 This compilation of powerful teachings and transmission of healing energies offers you a candid, uncensored, and often humorous journey through the heart of awakening.

Track #1 - Introduction to the Beloved
Understanding the transmission of presence that is expressed through Matt Kahn’s words to heal your body, transform your reality, and activate your highest potential. This includes exploring how your body resonates with Truth to viscerally remember every insight your soul already knows.

29 mins.

Track #2 - Anchoring Your Highest Vibration
How to use the power of words to anchor your soul’s highest vibration to manifest your deepest desires into form and transform reality for the well-being of all.

44 mins.

Track #3 - This is Sacred Ground
An interactive experience to help you realize your true nature, assisting in the liberation of all, simply by embracing the light within you. This includes a step-by-step contemplation to recognize the divinity in all things.

7 mins.

Track #4 - Q&A: “How Do I Shine My Light in the World”
How to use conscious communication to shine your light at full capacity for the well-being of others. This includes the spiritual importance of eye contact.

4 mins.

Track #5 - Q&A: “True Intimacy”
How to integrate the arising of intimacy as the heart opens in the most grounded and spiritually mature way. This includes understanding how to embrace the beauty of the soul without it becoming an unconscious encounter.

17 mins.

Track #6 - Embracing the Beloved
Learn the deepest meaning of surrender and open your heart to the light of your highest potential. Feel what it’s like to have every fight within you extinguished on your behalf, just by receiving the energy transmitted through each word. This is an opportunity to transcend the fear and desperation of the human condition, so you may discover the ecstasy of liberated existence.

48 mins.

Track #7 - The Secret of Happiness
A revealing exploration into the discovery of true happiness beyond all ideas, beliefs, and concepts. Learn what often distracts you from being happy all the time and transform each misunderstanding into a joy beyond description.

52 mins.

Track #8 - Q&A: “What is Reality”
Understanding the importance of being grounded and how to feel safe in your body as a way of anchoring 5thdimensional consciousness. This includes a new way to listen to others without getting caught up in the words being exchanged.

7 mins.

Track #9 - Q&A: “The Seduction of Enlightenment”
A dialogue to deconstruct the struggle of spiritual pursuits to embrace the soft and gentle perfection of heart-centered joy. This includes a deeper understanding of how to free yourself from subconscious judgments and beliefs, so you may become aware of your timeless existence as an ongoing celebration of sight and sound.

23 mins.

Track #10 - Q&A: “How to Love Yourself”
How to transform personal judgments with unconditional love no matter how personal any judgment seems to be. This includes resolving the spiritual ego with the power of heartfelt honesty.

35 mins.

Track #11 - Harmony Beyond Understanding
A lucid guided adventure to explore reality beyond the limitations of linear understanding. Learn what distracts you from living in harmony and how to embrace the joy of life – no matter the circumstances you are facing. This assists you out of fear-based thinking to awaken the infinite wisdom, boundless inspiration, and divine perfection of the Universe that has always existed within you.

46 mins.

Track #12 - Q&A: “I Can’t See My Own Love”
Learning how to maintain healthy boundaries in an unconditionally loving heart. This includes understanding why we cannot see our own love, as well as a new way of accessing your soul’s infinite prosperity.

32 mins.

Track #13 - Q&A: “How Do I Talk About This Experience”
How to consciously integrate the transformation that occurs through Matt’s transmission of presence. This includes learning how to allow honesty to narrate the miracle of your momentary experiences.

4 mins.

Track #14 - Being Human in the 5th Dimension
A ground-breaking way to understand what life is like in the 5th dimension as a fully integrated spiritual being in human form. This includes unraveling the confusion of many 3D spiritual misunderstandings and learning how to use the power of choices to anchor high vibrational energy for the well-being of all.

55 mins.

Track #15 - Q&A: “What You Are Here to Do”
Using the power of free will to discover your life’s true purpose beyond all roles and responsibilities. This includes relinquishing all attachments to victimhood and learning the spiritual importance of desire as a catalyst for profound spiritual growth and energetic expansion.

34 mins.