Beyond All Barriers

This compilation of powerful teachings and transmissions of healing energy offers you a candid, uncensored, and often humorous journey through the heart of awakening.

Beyond All Barriers

Total running time: 8 hours of teachings, healing energies, activations, and exercises

Recorded live at our October 2013, 5-day retreat, each track guides you throughout the stages of healing and awakening to assist you in transforming your reality for the well-being of all. If you are ready to live without fear, and enter the timeline of your soul’s highest reality, this program is a life-changing catalyst of energetic expansion.

Track #1 – The Ultimate Success
This track explores the heart of awakening as a transition out of the despair of self-importance, and into the loving joy of self-care.

1 hr. 2 mins.

Track #2 – Mastering a Practice
This track highlights the importance of a spiritual practice as an act of love toward yourself and others.

3 mins.

Track #3 – Feeling Safe
This track helps you discover true safety within your heart, so you can be a part of the world without being triggered or consumed by it.

1 hr. 2 mins.

Track #4 – The Myth of Getting Your Way
This track reveals the deeper spiritual importance of your life’s journey and how getting your way is often a distraction from the blossoming of your highest potential.

51 mins.

Track #5 – The Ultimate Vow
This track celebrates the willingness to align choice with conscious intention to become a living expression of Spirit in action. It also includes a powerful clearing to resolve outdated monk/nun vows from past lifetimes, so you may celebrate the truth of who you are in present moment time.

36 mins.

Track #6 – The Movie of Your Life
This track offers a lucid exploration of life as a movie playing out within the heart of the Universe.

1 hr. 6 mins.

Track #7 – Q&A #1
This track includes a dialogue about changing your relationship with pain and discomfort, so the constant desire to control or avoid can become a deeper heartfelt willingness to embrace what is.

7 mins.

Track #8 – Your Highest Attainment
This track helps let go of worries and attachments by guiding you into the ever-revealing space of present moment awareness.

23 mins.

Track #9 – You are Dreaming
This track reveals life to be a lucid dream being played out within the Heaven that no one has ever left.

1 hr. 23 mins.

Track #10 – Let Your Love Out
This track assists you in integrating your soul’s highest wisdom by teaching you a profoundly simple way to apply awakened consciousness into action.

47 mins.

Track #11 – Q&A #2
This track includes dialogues on such subjects as the true nature of acceptance, and the willingness to explore life on life’s miraculous terms.

38 mins.



“Beyond all Barriers” was my first retreat with Matt and Julie. It was one of the best retreats I have ever experienced. Matt and Julie express their gifts so authentically, so gentle, so deep, so giving, and so filled with humor and laughter. They are in total harmony. Heart to heart, they dovetail, with love and support for each other and everyone can feel it as it weaves through the participants. Matt is the flute and Julie the music, both essential and both filled with grace." – Lucas Stiefvater

“Matt and Julie - Many blessings to you both on the contribution you have made to my lovely life here! I love you! I have attended the very best retreat ever as it has brought me back to the self I have not paid attention to for a very long time. My life is RICH, SWEET, and my heart is full of GRATITUDE." – Fran Scott

"Dearest Matt--You are the icing in a world of endless cake! Thanks for blasting open my heart. You pole-shifted my life, and everything feels right-side up now. Your generosity is out of this world, literally! Thank you for your MANY incredible gifts to us all during retreat. It was far more then I could have EVER imagined! It was such an honor to be a part of everything we experienced together, everything we witnessed and held loving space for...the miracles and transformation were unspeakably moving to witness, feel, and experience. My love and respect for you and Julie as people, as teachers, as healers, as angelic beings in human form - just went through the roof and into a new dimension. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I LOOOOOOVE YOU!" – Christian Wood