Becoming the Beloved

Join best-selling author and spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn on an expansive and deeply-nourishing journey into the ecstasy of unconditional love. This is his first solo retreat.

Becoming the Beloved

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Total running time: 16 Hours

Through his wise and often humorous insights, Matt leaves no stone unturned in helping you improve your relationships, heal emotional wounds, and unravel limited beliefs with compassion, peace, and ease. This audio package is an ideal companion and perfect healing catalyst for all energetically-sensitive souls who yearn to move beyond guilt, blame, shame, and fear once and for all. If you are ready to open your heart to its fullest potential, then now is the time to become the beloved.

Track #1 – Dare to Receive First
Beginning with the setting of your highest intention, Matt invites you to step forward into a new spiritual paradigm as a way of inspiring others around you to heal, awaken, and expand. In order to do so, it is essential to shift out of believing you are a person awaiting the light and embrace your true nature as the light of Divinity in human form. 

Track #2 – How to Become the Beloved
In this track, Matt demonstrates the most heart-centered way to distinguish the difference between ego and soul. You will also discover a perfection beyond fairness, embracing radical acceptance, and breathing your way out of each problem.

Track #3 –The Journey Toward Confidence
Learn how to live openly without being bombarded by other people’s energy through this clarifying teaching. This track also includes a deeper understanding of how to master your empathic abilities and the role conscious confidence plays on an energetic level.

Track #4 – Prayer for the Hurt and Abused
This repeat after me exercise helps you participate in ending abuse cycles throughout the collective, as a way of furthering your own healing journey. This track also includes embracing the survival of your past as a catalyst for profound transformation.

Track #5 – Beyond the Cycle of Abuse
To further the healing of your past, Matt helps you give a voice to the parts of yourself that have been abused. This also includes never-before-heard stories about Matt’s healing journey, as well as overcoming more elusive forms of spiritual conditioning.

Track #6 – The Power of Politeness Part 1
Matt helps you embrace the openness, generosity, and nobility of your soul without being a pushover or a people-pleaser. This also includes celebrating the happiness of others as a way of awakening out of ego, as well as the importance of authentic connection.

Track #7 – The Power of Politeness Part 2
To further the power of politeness, this helps you overcome the tendency of withholding from others as a prime reason as to why you may feel exhausted around others. This track also includes the inevitability of disappointment and its role in the reclaiming of your personal power.

Track #8 – The Spiritual Rules of Engagement
Matt overviews the key cornerstones of heart-centered consciousness and its role in helping you enter a new spiritual paradigm. This track also includes a more simplified understanding of the subconscious mind.

Track #9 – Preparing for The Beloved

As a way of creating sacred space for true love to enter your reality, Matt highlights the importance of relationships throughout the journey of human evolution. This also includes embracing the importance of personal conduct as a means of embodying your highest consciousness.

Track #10 – Healing the Divine Feminine and Enlightened Masculine
As a way of helping you make peace with both aspects of polarity, Matt assists you in releasing ancient wounds through this deeply healing “repeat after me” exercise. This also includes profound moments of forgiveness for both the feminine and the masculine.

Track #11 – Making Peace with Pain

As an essential step in your healing journey, Matt helps you make peace with pain as a way of furthering your evolution. This also includes learning how to heal pain by being its wise and loving companion, as well as the connection between pain and time.

Track #12 – Just Move Forward
Matt offers a Zen-flavored insight to help you stay in the flow with present moment reality. This also includes being true to your subjective experience, as well as the impossibility of getting in your own way.

Track #13 – Respect Your Edge
Beginning with stories of Matt adventures as a dog owner and overcoming his fears of heights, Matt helps you explore your personal edge with compassion and grace. This also includes a hilarious story of Matt’s adventures in India.

Track #14 – Transforming the Darkness
Matt helps you reclaim your Divine power by offering you fresh perspectives on the notion of darkness. This also includes the spontaneous answering of questions about entities, intuition, and dreams.

Track #15 – The Language of Emotion
Learning how to unravel the spiritual ego and authentically connect with others through the universal language of emotions. From this space, you are able to speak as consciousness without always needing to speak as consciousness. This also includes an exploration into what it means to speak your truth.

Track #16 – You Can’t Control Your Awareness
Matt helps you commune with the Universe in the most merciful, wise, and loving way. This also includes seeing the characters in your life through the eyes of compassion, a new way of viewing the nature of thought, living as a healer of your reality, and the importance of feeling good about yourself.

Track #17 – Your Next Bold Choice
This track helps you make peace with emptiness by understanding its role in the awakening of heart-centered consciousness. This also includes unraveling the perception of problem to reveal a lifelong evolution of Universal perfection within you.