Awakening True Happiness

With more and more people waking up out of the collective unconsciousness, why are so many still unable to embody their full potential, and anchor more peace and love? What would it be like to activate 100% of your soul's perfection, prosperity, and power - right now?

Awakening True Happiness

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Total running time: 14 hours

With more and more people waking up out of the collective unconsciousness, why are so many still unable to embody their full potential, and anchor more peace and love? What would it be like to activate 100% of your soul's perfection, prosperity, and power - right now? Have you been waiting to discover a way to bring forth your highest vibration without having to constantly dig up old memories or energetically clear so many layers from the past? 

If so, join us for these 14 hours of nourishing, uplifting, and transformative highlights from the miraculous 5-day retreat. 

This retreat package includes amazing new teachings about: 

  • "not waiting"
  • how the ego always needs an enemy
  • the "Land of Like" where it's easier to love everything when it's your choice to not like anything
  • making peace with pain
  • and the hidden messages that time gives us


Some teachings came through in quiet, pin-drop, palpable loving kind of energy, while other teachings went deep and inspired uproarious and hilarious laughter and insights that will shake you free. Enjoy the journey! 

Track #1 - Opening Meditation/OM chant 

Join Julie Dittmar, Matt Kahn and all of the True Divine Nature retreat attendees in creating a sacred space for your deepest healing by experiencing the profound power of chanting OM. Beginning with a guided meditation to awaken a greater sense of gratitude for life, Julie invites every heart to settle in and open up in energetic preparation for the healing energies and transmission of teachings that will be offered.

19 mins. 

Track #2 – The End of Waiting
As an introduction to this retreat, Matt Kahn invites you to awaken true happiness by setting aside any sense of waiting or anticipation. As a shift from waiting to receiving occurs, the gifts that you’ve been destined to receive from the Universe can be fully revealed. Matt also reveals the four pillars of heart-centered consciousness as cornerstones of a new spiritual paradigm.

1 hr. 23 mins. 

Track #3 – A Life Without Enemies (Part 1)
To assist you in being peace, embracing joy, remembering compassion, and breathing love, Matt assists you in clarifying the deeper meaning of Truth. When aligned in the highest Truth, your most honorable qualities naturally emanate from within, instead of being goals for you to work toward achieving in life. Matt also discusses the thing ego cannot live without, that once surrendered, allows it to integrate into your heart and merge back into the light of your being.

1 hr. 29 mins. 

Track #4 – A Life Without Enemies (Part 2)

When each perceived enemy is recognized as a catalyst of your highest evolution, the core meaning of acceptance can be explored with greater openness and sincerity of heart. As the notion of “enemy” dissolves, the discovery of true happiness can be recognized as a willingness to be aligned with your breath. From this space, the slower you breathe -- the deeper and more loving your experiences tend to be.

52 mins. 

Track #5 – Waking up from the Land of Like

Matt reveals how energetic sensitivities and a constant need for approval can become unsuspecting gateways into unity consciousness. As you awaken from the “land of like,” you no longer have to be like others as a way of trying to be liked by others. Instead, your willingness to be honest about your experiences reveals greater opportunities to love yourself as never before. This includes a special healing experience to reconnect you with the innocence of your inner child (an excerpt from our “I Love You” CD called “The Sacred Heart Meditation”).

54 mins. 

Track #6 – OM Chant 

This chant allows you to open your heart, expand your awareness, listen at a more intimate level, and integrate the energies absorbed through Matt’s transmission of presence. It invites the chakras to come into greater alignment and balance, and attune to the hum of the entire cosmos.  

22 mins. 

Track #7 – OM Shanti OM 

As a way of deepening your process of integration, Julie guides you into the heart of devotion with this sacred healing chant of peace. The more often and longer in duration these mantras are practiced, the more they serve to dissolve concerns, blocks, or barriers to peace, love, and happiness, while also accelerating the awakening of your highest potential

10 mins. 

Track #8 – The Association Game
Through his loving guidance, Matt assists you in unraveling subconscious judgments to enhance the nature of your subjective experience. As you become more rooted in the clarity of heart-centered consciousness, you see beyond the veil of opposites and associations to welcome each experience without a need to compare it with anything else.

1 hr. 10 mins.

Track #9 – The Nature of Perception 

To help you cultivate even greater clarity, Matt guides you beyond the veil of judgment, so you may discover the simplicity of your direct experience. When you are no longer asleep in your dream of perception, everything becomes a degree of Truth inviting you to choose the viewpoint that allows your innocence to feel safe, nurtured, and supported. Also included is an inquiry to assist you in exploring your questions on a more fundamental level.

29 mins.

Track #10 – Om Namah Shivaya
Using the sansula (thumb piano) to create a sacred and intimate environment during the re-entry into the space following the dinner break, Julie offers this chant to inspire profound healing, relaxation, unwinding of the nervous system, and moments of realization. The mantra is translated to mean “I humbly bow to you…your true inner self.”

6 mins. 

Track #11 – The Fullness of Experience
Cultivate deeper levels of spiritual maturity by exploring the two sides of experience with peace, ease, and joy. As fullness and emptiness are recognized as divine counterparts, an ability to digest or integrate your spiritual experiences becomes more important than the mystical milestones you seek and desire. Once the process of integration is understood, a tendency to perceive your life through the lens of lack or deficiency dissolves in the presence of true heart-felt relief.

1 hr. 7 mins.

Track #12 – Deeper Into Emptiness 
By venturing deeper into the emptiness of being, you allow each inner conflict to be resolved, so you may openly welcome what comes and goes without judgment toward yourself and others. On an energetic level, the more rooted in emptiness you happen to be, the easier it is to transform your naturally empathic tendencies into a masterfully-honed intuitive skillset.

58 mins.

Track #13 – I Love You 
Join Julie and Matt in an interactive experience of embracing all aspects of self with greater enthusiasm, acceptance, and compassion. The more often “I love you” is offered to anything that arises within you, the safer you feel to welcome in the clarity and grace of heart-centered consciousness. The retreats are a great place to not only hear about the I love you’s, but to put them into practice in your life in a myriad of ways that enliven different senses, activate and engage the cerebral cortex of the brain, and also give you the visceral experience of doing them longer than you might practice on your own so you truly can feel the healing effects and energetic shifts.   

4 mins. 

Track #14 – OM Namah Shivaya 
Using a drum to entrain the heartbeat, Julie leads this chant to assist in further integrating and grounding the powerful healing energy transmitted at the retreat into the body. The transformative mantra is translated to mean “I humbly bow to you…your true inner self.”

10 mins. 

Track #15 – Waking up to Courage 
Matt clarifies the experience of awakening as a simultaneous waking up from a dream of judgment and entering a world of infinite options. When unconditional love is no longer confused with the grip of attachment, the endless options of your eternal freedom helps you create the most fulfilling relationships and environments that honor your innocence at the deepest level.

22 mins. 

Track #16 – Creating Your Reality (Part 1) 
As an introduction to conscious co-creation, Matt assists you in discovering the balance and maturity required in order to work in collaboration with the light of Universal Will. When the things you wish to shift become opportunities to explore your experience at a more fundamental level, you enter into a new spiritual paradigm where co-creation is a celebration of mastery and not a tool of manipulation.

1 hr. 7 mins.

Track #17 – Creating Your Reality (Part 2) 
Through a variety of profoundly-healing “repeat after me” exercises that Matt channeled from the Universe, a direct experience of conscious co-creation is offered to help you unlock the door to your highest potential. From this amplified space of awareness, true happiness can be remembered as a willingness to embrace your divine power, while aligned in the vibration of love.

58 mins. 

Track #18 – Your Immortal Day 
Experience your reality from a quantum view by learning how to use time as a tool of conscious evolution. As the deeper spiritual meaning of each date in time is realized, you enter into the harmony, excitement, and perfection of Universal Will to reveal the light of immortality that has always dwelled within you. Matt helps integrate this revolutionary teaching through humor as you laugh your way through “The Haunted Hole,” “Tom and Jackie,” and “Shark Week.”

1 hr. 24 mins.

Track #19 – Cosmic Love Letter 
Beginning with a powerful “repeat after me” exercise to clear all formal vows from past lifetimes, Matt illuminates the importance of experience, as the means through which Divinity communes with its true nature and communicates with all aspects of Self. This concludes with a palpable, loving message from the Universe to be felt and cherished in every cell of the body.

23 mins.