Breast Wellness Guided Imagery

You are invited on a profound journey of self-discovery. This transformative guided imagery takes you deep into your inner world – a place of powerful intention and creation. Through meaningful communication with your breasts and the rest of your body, and by invoking revitalizing images, you can experience bringing more compassion, acceptance, and self-love into your waking world.

Breast Wellness Guided Imagery

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Total running time: 43 mins. (22 min. meditation, 15 min. affirmations)

Guided imagery puts you in touch with your inner resources, making them easier for you to access. Research studies demonstrate its effectiveness in affecting physiological changes that promote and speed healing. This audio download is a gift of warm sunshine to soothe and activate your entire being toward greater wholeness.

“Breast Wellness” guided imagery is created and voiced by Julie Dittmar, an internationally renowned Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and one of the top-selling imagery guides in the U.S. She is the creator of the best-selling hypnotherapy CD series for Peak Potentials Training’s “Millionaire Mind Intensive” (the MMIs), where her CDs are played for live audiences of 400-7,000 people per city around the world at a time.

She is also an award-winning voiceover talent whose CDs have been featured on PBS. Her CDs are intentionally infused with peaceful, relaxing frequencies and vibrations that prompt one’s own self-healing response. Each word in the scripting is carefully chosen and delivered with her own unique vocal style and healing energies. It's been described as “a spa for the mind....a place of rest and renewal for the listener.”

The music is custom designed by Tom Kellock, composer and keyboardist at Hill Street Music, with Julie’s guidance as a sound healer. It is scored to her voice for a unique, cohesive, supportive, relaxing healing experience. Tom Kellock has performed on Grammy-award winning albums and composed for the renowned series, "Over" on PBS.

“This is the key to unlocking your self-healing and empowerment....a BIG self-esteem boost!" - Cynthia Kersey, Best-Selling Author of "Unstoppable" and "Unstoppable Women"

“A beautiful, effective, powerful tool for every woman to feel more in love with herself and her body.” - Diana Ehli, Founder, Heart and Soles Breast Cancer Foundation, and 24-Mile Walk Event Director

“I highly recommend this CD to any woman who is uncomfortable with her breasts or body. It is sure to bring about new and valuable insights, increased self-esteem, and an emboldened self-confidence.” - Deah Curry, Ph.D. InnerJourneyWork, Psychospiritual Psychologist

“I applaud your deeply sacred work. It is far-reaching, as it impacts the core of each woman – her self-esteem and self-expression.” - Samantha Foster, Energyworker, LMP & Mother

“Nothing less than sensational. This CD will bless your life.” - Debbie Leviton, Creative Solutions, LLC, Life Coach & Trainer

“Magnificent. Relevant. Beautifully written and exquisitely read. I highly recommend it to my clients.” – Mary Lee LaBay, Author and Certified Hypnotherapist

“Thank you for the opportunity to explore a process of joy, healing and celebration of the breasts as a part of the journey to a more ‘whole’ and ‘present’ me!” - Vickie Baroch, Event Planning & Administrative Freelancer

“This was one of the most remarkable experiences! You truly have a gift for creating the perfect environment that allows for greater self-awareness, insights and personal growth.” - Haley Williams, Speaker & Coach

“Women need this work. Thank you for being a forward-thinker, visionary, gutsy woman! You are a proficient and delightful guide.” - Kate Thompson, Registered Nurse

“Life Force energy flows directly through your heart to us. Thank you for sharing your healing gifts. This is a truly healing experience.” - Raina Eaton, Singer & Musician

Introduction to Breast Guided Imagery (2:31)
Breast Guided Imagery (22:53)
Introduction to Breast Declarations (1:39)
Declarations (15:33)

A portion of proceeds from these audios will be donated to causes that promote clean water, organic farming, and a physical and emotional environment that supports the good health of our bodies.

NOTE: These audios are meant to be listened to while in a state of focused, relaxed concentration. Please do not listen to this while driving. This is not meant to replace medical treatment. For medical conditions, or specific health concerns, please contact a licensed wellness practitioner.

Thanks to this amazingly talented team for their contributions this very special project of love and expression.

Executive Producer: Julie Dittmar, CCHt, Voiceover Talent, Scriptwriter
Recording Engineer: Garey Shelton, Garey Shelton Productions
Mixing Engineer: Eric Tingstad, All the Comforts of Home
Music Composer & Keyboardist: Tom Kellock, Hill Street Music
Copy editing: Matt Kahn, Heather Burgett
Script review team: Dike Drummond, M.D., Imagery Guide. Renée Miereanu, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Breathe® Program Originator. Jamal Rahman, Muslim Sufi Minister, Interfaith Church of Seattle, Hypnotherapy Trainer
Graphic design: Bob Lanphear, Lanphear Design
Cover photography: Julie Dittmar

This guided imagery experience is dedicated to my dear friends and family in the world community whose life lessons throughout their healing journeys can uplift and inspire us all to be beautiful earth angels to one another in every moment: Jo Kahn, Connie Campbell, Shirley Gilzean, Carolyn Dolan, Jeannie Cremeens, Cassie Hemmen, Nancy White, Laura Kehoe, and Linda McCartney.

And to you, the listener, and all the beloveds who touch and open your heart to more love.

Much love from my heart to yours,
Julie Dittmar