Angel Academy 4


Angel Academy 4

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March - June 2015

Total running time: 18½ hours of content, healing energies, activations, and exercises. 

Are you ready to become more aligned in radiance than ever before? Are you excited to be healed, awakened, and transformed by the highest vibration of all? Isn’t it time to discover the highest vibration within you as your personal contribution to the evolution of humanity? Are you ready for the long-awaited radical change that melts away every unconscious pattern, fear, and judgment in the most heart-centered way?

This Angel Academy 4 telegathering series is an opportunity for you to:

  • Shift from clearing the collective to anchoring new energy for the healing of all
  • Learn how to be in the world without being bombarded by the energy of others
  • Activate the highest vibration to heal your physical body
  • Access your Akashic record through the wisdom of your heart
  • Learn how to co-create your reality with instantaneous manifestation
  • Attract infinite flowing prosperity in the most heart-centered way

Along with the transmission of healing energies, brand new teachings, and interactive experiences to awaken the radical alignment of your soul’s true purpose, each call has timely questions answered for the benefit of all.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. We welcome you home, beautiful Earth angel!


Track #1 – The 3 Cornerstones of Faith

Explore the 3 cornerstones of faith to unravel the circumstantial and superstitious views of the old paradigm and awaken in you the highest vibration of all.

1 hr. 51 mins.


Track #2 – Two Unlikely Catalysts

Discover the two unlikely catalysts to help you enter the new spiritual paradigm of heart-centered consciousness, so you can return to love for the well-being of all.

1 hr. 51 mins.


Track #3 – Q&A

The themes of this call’s questions relate to physical pain and healing, a deeper heartfelt surrender throughout the unraveling of ego, how to have greater communication with your inner child, and how to relinquish attachments to career identity.

1 hr. 49 mins.


Track #4 – What Healing Means

Explore the deeper meaning of healing as an initiation of awakening consciousness, including the most heartfelt surrender that life invites you to embrace. Questions include: seeing each day as its own lifetime, and becoming excited about who you are – whether or not circumstances seem to change.

1 hr. 50 mins.


Track #5 – The Sweetness of Defeat

As a deeper invitation into the heart of surrender, learn how boredom, frustration, loneliness, and confusion are not blockages or barriers to overcome, but wise teachers who enter your reality to escort you into higher levels of consciousness. Questions include dialogues about: following your heart versus the demands of society, exploring pain in the absence of labels, as well as a more intimate look at death and suicide.

1 hr. 48 mins.


Track #6 – Q&A Part 2

During this lively Q&A session, topics covered include: recognizing depression as an unsuspecting sign of awakening, discovering the true essence of acceptance, not waiting for courage to show up before making important life decisions, as well as recognizing the many defense mechanisms of the ego that play out throughout the awakening process.

2 hrs. 18 mins.


Track #7 – Your Choices Matter

During this energetic transmission, Matt offers a series of questions to assist you in pinpointing the areas of imbalance in your life to help you discover the more mindful choices that accelerate your evolution.

1 hr. 59 mins.


Track #8 – Awakening the Highest Vibration

Discover the highest vibration of all as a feeling of being content, which occurs by reversing the polarity of your senses. When you allow everything to come to you, instead of being fixated by other people’s experience, or what others think about you, a deeper harmony is revealed to bring forth your highest destiny for the well-being of all.

1 hr. 43 mins.


Track #9 – Harmonizing with the Highest Vibration

Remember the highest vibration as the living reality of your true nature by coming into harmony with however things seem to be. Once the tendency to blame, be frustrated, or disappointed are acknowledged as invitations to cultivate greater harmony throughout your life, a willingness to slow down can replace the need to chase after more or negotiate with time. Questions include: saying no to your ego as an act of love toward yourself, and clearing the collective unconscious without believing experiences belong to you.

1 hr. 51 mins.


Track #10 – BONUS CALL The End of Suffering

Bring all forms of suffering to an end by relinquishing a need to always get your way. When each moment of pain, discomfort, and inconvenience is recognized as a spontaneous gift of transformation, a willingness to harmonize with life’s divine plan unravels the need to suffer, even when adversity is experienced. From this space, suffering is no longer seen as the presence of pain, discomfort, and inconvenience but an insistence on getting your way throughout your personal circumstances. Questions include: viewing each moment from your highest level of consciousness and how to bring greater balance to the inferior ego.

1 hr. 38mins.