Angel Academy 3


Angel Academy 3

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September - November, 2014

Total running time: 10½ hours of teachings, healing energies, activations, and exercises.

Join spiritual teacher Matt Kahn and meditation guide Julie Dittmar for the next chapter of the Angel Academy. As you are guided through each stage of light body activation, you are liberated from the burden and turmoil of the collective unconsciousness to become a fully-embodied expression of love in action. Through the transmission of 5th and 8th dimensional teachings and energetic upgrades, each telegathering serves to remove every barrier and assist you in fulfilling your soul’s true purpose in the most miraculous and heart centered way. If you are ready to say goodbye to stress, anxiety, fatigue, and conflict by transforming your reality into a multi-dimensional spiritual adventure, then please join us for the most exciting chapter in the Angel Academy series.

Each call features the latest teachings that Matt downloads directly from the Universe, and either an energetic clearing or activation to help you dissolve anything that feels lingering and unresolved, so you may manifest your highest potential into form now. Join us for a life-changing journey into the heart of awakening and beyond.

Previous attendance in the other series is not required. Come as you are.

This Angel Academy 3 telegathering series is an opportunity to:

  • Learn a brand new way to dissolve family contracts and karma
  • Understand the purpose and perfection of spirit guides
  • Make peace with your inner child to manifest unlimited abundance
  • Awaken the joy, inspiration, and passion of your highest destiny
  • Access your soul’s infinite wisdom and absolute power
  • Experience Divine harmony – no matter the situation or circumstance
  • Surrender to the magic, miracles, and accelerated manifestation energy of the 5th dimension

If you’ve always wanted to experience the profound healing, instantaneous transformations, and spontaneous awakenings that occur through Matt and Julie’s YouTube videos, at our soul gatherings and retreats, but in the comfort of your own home, then please reserve your space now for a heart-centered spiritual adventure of a lifetime!! And please share the love with your friends around the world. A new era of conscious evolution is here! 


Track #1 – Being Grounded

Matt teaches the importance of being grounded as the first step in a course of mastery. Since the soul is always growing and expanding, it’s important to slow down and soften as a way of grounding the new heart-centered energy coming through. This also includes a Q&A about balancing chakras.

1 hr. 30 mins.


Track #2 – Rewiring the Subconscious Mind

Here Matt reveals one of the most powerful statements in existence that helps you rewire the subconscious mind and releases cellular debris. He also discusses how to use this statement to awaken the clearest divine guidance within you.

1 hr. 18 mins.


Track #3 – Shifting Timelines

This is an exploration of how moon energy affects the energetically-sensitive soul, as well as a guided experience of shifting timelines into a brand new dimension of reality.

1 hr. 19 mins.


Track #4 – The Perfect Question to Ask

Explore the deepest answers in existence as a life-changing feeling of inner relief brought forth by learning how to ask yourself “the perfect question.” It also includes a joyful way to transmute judgments about yourself and others, and how to resolve self-defeating behavior in the most heart-centered way.

1 hr. 34 mins.


Track #5 – The Power of Free Will

Learn how to access the power of free will to make your most inspired choices by accepting that all outcomes and circumstances are catalysts of Divine will. This includes releasing all judgments of self and others, allowing you to reunite with the innocence within you. Also included is a powerful dialogue about releasing judgments about pain.

1 hr. 19 mins.


Track #6 – The 7 Conscious Questions

Redefine the journey of consciousness as an exploration into finding true safety through the contemplation of 7 Conscious Questions. Q&A topics include maintaining integrity in intimate relationships, and how to energetically create infinite flowing abundance.

1 hr. 47 mins.


Track #7 – Accepting All Parts of Self

This opens with a healing guided journey into accepting all parts of yourself. Matt discusses the turbulent energy that acts as a sign of rapid growth and evolution that signifies the end of many soul contracts. He explains how to resolve soul contracts by remembering every feeling or encounter is an opportunity to return to love. This includes dialogues on how to face despair, while finding the space to embrace your talents. He also offers a powerful way to access parallel dimensions as a way of overcoming fear.

1 hr. 44 mins.