Angel Academy 2


Angel Academy 2

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March - May, 2014

Total running time: 14 hours of teachings, healing energies, activations, and exercises.

After receiving so many enthusiastic requests, we continued our very popular Angel Academy telegathering series. So many of you angels expressed how the first series helped you integrate Matt Kahn’s teachings into your everyday life in such an immediate and practical way. So, whether you’ve been participating in the Angel Academy from the very beginning, or have just decided to join us with this series (there are no prerequisites), we invite you into the joy, awe, and wonder of the 5th dimension.

Based on the visions Matt received about the Angel Academy 2, this series unfolds as a truly miraculous, uplifting, and wildly transformative experience. Each week includes the latest teachings that Matt downloads directly from the Universe, and also features either an energetic clearing or activation to help you dissolve anything that feels lingering and unresolved, so you may manifest your highest potential into form now.

Each call has a live Q&A where listeners asked the most perfect, timely questions that always served the group as a whole, as Matt answered with his highly-attuned intuition. Questions covered topics such as: how to feel less stressed, unhappiness in jobs, how to consciously communicate with a partner, about how to resolve physical and emotional discomfort, how to move out of self-destructive patterns, and so much more!

This Angel Academy 2 telegathering series is an opportunity for you to:

  • Transform fear into excitement
  • Receive clear direction on your true life purpose
  • Access your soul’s infinite wisdom and absolute power
  • Experience Divine harmony – no matter the situation or circumstance
  • Surrender to the magic, miracles, and accelerated manifestation energy of the 5th dimension

 Since this is such an exciting time of profound spiritual revelation, we invite you to celebrate with your global soul family, as we take each step forward aligned in the highest frequency and intention of eternal love.

 If you’ve always wanted to experience the deepest healing, instantaneous transformations, and spontaneous awakenings that occur at our soul gatherings and retreats, but in the comfort of your own home, then please join with us for a heart-centered spiritual adventure of a lifetime!!


Track # 1 – Your Guide to the Secrets of the Universe

This first telegathering that kicks off this new series is packed with brand new teachings that Matt downloaded from the Universe. The hour includes a radical new approach to communicating with your spirit guides, and how to access your intuition in the easiest, most immediate, and clearest way. It also begins with clearings of subconscious beliefs that assist you in ascending to 5th dimensional consciousness.

1 hr. 21 mins.


Track #2 – Your Wish is Fulfilled

This telegathering focuses on “The Secret of Everlasting Joy” – discovering what it really means to get what you want. This transmission will transform your ability to manifest your soul’s deepest desires from hardship to harmony.  Ask for what you want, and share how you feel in life.

1 hr. 51 mins.


Track #3 – Forgiveness Will Set You Free

The Blessing of Radical Forgiveness: Transmuting the energy of past abuse or the unconscious attacks from egos around you by becoming the one who prays for their redemption. As this prayer is put forth, those who you ask to be set free actually set you free in the process.

1 hr. 10 mins.


Track #4 – Truly Understanding the Flow of Life

This telegathering has a “Stop, Listen, and Breathe” meditation and focuses on the alchemy of conscious action – how to transform everyday life into a spiritual adventure. It helps you explore how predetermination and free will are not opposing forces, but are different aspects of the harmonious flow of life. In this call, Matt also explains the two types of ego structures, and how to help unravel them, no matter how negative, self-defeating, or destructive they seem to be.

1 hr. 48 mins.


Track #5 – The Heart of Surrender

In this time together, the telegathering opens with a peaceful, awareness meditation as we move into a deep Q & A session. The overall theme is “The Heart of Surrender.” Matt brings through new teachings in answering callers questions. Topics covered include: how to relax into pain, deeper acceptance, how astrological influences affect the body and psyche, being tired, thinking there is something wrong with yourself, or something else to do, and how confusion is freedom from attachments to understanding. It’s not about hard work, it’s about relaxed, conscious action.

1 hr. 47 mins.


Track #6 – Waking Up From Ego Consciousness

The beginning of this telegathering peacefully guides you through a tulip flower reflection on how nature so beautifully teaches us to open. This provides the missing piece for how to wake up out of ego consciousness, and shows you how the deepest understandings come from when we see things and approach life in the most simple way. Matt introduces a new teaching of “It’s okay” to go along with the “I love yous” to the heart.

1 hr. 22 mins.


Track #7 – Tap Into “Causeless Joy!”

In this call, discover true happiness by letting go of what you think causes you to be unhappy so you can spend more time relaxed in your body and loving your heart. In doing so, you find balance as a source of true happiness.

1 hr. 11 mins.


Track #8 – “The Mirror” Teaching Part 1

“The Mirror of Life” Part 1 – Transitioning from life as your mirror, to YOU as the mirror of life’s clearest reflection. Also -- the shift from thinking of yourself as a person, to honoring the light of Divinity within the person as the truth of who you are.

1 hr. 44 mins.


Track #9 – “The Mirror” Teaching Part 2

“The Mirror of Life” Part 2 – Awakening your true identity as the field of consciousness, instead of identifying with the people, places, and things within it. From this perspective, we learn to respond as a gift of service to transform all beings without the need to match the vibration of anyone else’s experience.

1 hr. 42 mins.