Angel Academy 1


Angel Academy 1

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November 2013 - January 2014

Total running time: 11½ hours of teachings, healing energies, activations, and exercises.

The Angel Academy is a profound opportunity to explore the miraculous energetic aspects of awakening from a 5th and 8th dimensional perspective, which allows your soul's journey to blossom with ease, joy, peace, and love every step of the way. These 7 weeks of telegatherings include Matt Kahn's energetically-charged transmission of presence to help raise your vibration and expand your energy field, as you are upgraded into higher timelines of miraculous possibility.

Each telegathering with Matt Kahn and Julie Dittmar acts as a virtual activation chamber, where you can celebrate the radiance, wholeness, and perfection of your soul's highest potential without needing problems, imbalances, dilemmas, and dramas to inspire you into more heart-centered, conscious action. If you're ready to play at full capacity, and shine brighter than ever before, then you are ready to join this journey.

This Angel Academy 1 telegathering series is an opportunity for you to:

  • Enhance your intuition with greater simplicity and ease
  • Awaken your true divine power by exploring the chakras at a deeper level
  • Discover the happiness that emanates through the joy of a surrendered heart
  • Resolve lingering soul contracts that orbit your energy field
  • Align with the most empowered and fulfilling choices that are always available to you


Track #1 – The Ease of Intuition

Learn how to be in the flow, harmony, and perfection of life by recognizing how the answers you seek always come in the moment you need them. Questions include: slowing down without checking out of life.

1 hr. 28 mins.


Track #2 – Speaking the Truth

Explore the symbolism and deeper meaning of the throat chakra and learn what it really means to speak your truth. Questions include: discovering true stillness, no matter how much noise is noticed.

1 hr. 28 mins.


Track #3 – The Grace of Survival

Explore how the Universe guarantees your survival to activate the solar plexus chakra as the source of your true divine power. Questions include: awakening out of ego, the topics of aloneness, and surrender.

1 hr. 42 mins.


Track #4 – How to be Happy

Discover how to live a happier and more surrendered life than ever before by entering the grace of your own divinity. Question include: stepping out of the vibration of fear and into alignment with your highest excitement.

1 hr. 14 mins.


Track #5 – Our Home in the Stars

Explore life on different star systems to resolve feelings of cosmic home sickness without creating a new identity to maintain or defend. Questions include: unraveling the central beliefs of ego.

1 hr. 37 mins.


Track #6 – Resolving Soul Contracts

Take a deeper look into soul contracts and learn how they can help you navigate your journey in a more aligned and heart-centered way. Questions include: the topics of intuition, the roles animals play in our lives, and the hardship of trying to feel one way all the time.

1 hr. 33 mins.


Track #7 – Feeling your Choices

Learn how to make the most high-vibrational and empowered choices by exploring the feelings behind each option. Questions include, learning how to be even more gentle with yourself in the most authentic way.

1 hr. 47 mins.