Live Chants Vol. 3

Out of the three-volume set of live retreat chants, this one has a softer, quieter vibe with two tracks that are very intimate and reach into those deeper places within us. There is also a beautiful, peace-inducing gratitude awareness piece, and Julie’s famous “I Love You” melody that was sung at the “Whatever Arises Love That” book launch and nearly every retreat.

You can purchase the complete set of Live Chants Vols. 1,2 & 3 here (sliding scale).

Live Chants Vol. 3

Please click to hear an audio sample:
Total running time: 5 tracks, 84 mins.

Track 1 Thanking the Body Meditation & Om Bath – Julie offers a teaching to appreciate the divine flow of life in the body and on the planet. Reminder about chanting as an offering of love for oneself and all beings everywhere. It’s not about having a perfect sound, it’s about sincerity of heart.

Track 2 Ocean Breath & Jai Ma – Here Julie offers teachings about Ganesha the remover of obstacles, anchoring the Divine feminine on the planet, and connecting with the Divine Mother. She talks about Shiva and Shakti energies which leads into a celebration of the “Ma” within us and around us. All these voices are so beautiful. What a choir. What energy!

Track 3 I Love You – This is Julie’s melody that came to her after spending time in the jungles of Mexico. Catch these good vibes and share the love! It starts soft and sweet and takes you on a journey of higher levels. Notice how the sound evolves and each voice is such a valuable part of the whole. This is so rich in high and low tones and beautiful harmonies.

Track 4 Chime Meditation – This is a guide journey set to specially-tuned crystal chimes…there are so many ways to touch the heart, to open the mind, and to remember.

Track 5 Sansula Om Namah Shivaya – Julie softly chants Om Namah Shivaya while playing the Sansula (a kalimba “thumb piano”) as retreat attendees enter the room in silence.