Live Chants Vol. 2

Out of the three-volume set of live retreat chants, this one has a more energized vibe with three tracks that include a drumbeat and a real grounding element to them. Add your own voice to the mix and feel your own creative groove. There is no right or wrong sound to make—it’s all about self-love, self-expression, and exploration of sound.

You can purchase the complete set of Live Chants Vols. 1,2 & 3 here (sliding scale).

Live Chants Vol. 2

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Total running time: 7 tracks, 73 mins.

Track 1 Introduction to Om & Meditation – Om (Aum) is the seed sound of mantra, the cosmic yes, the great unifier. This is a powerful live group chanting of Om. It is the past, present, future, and entire Universe in one sound. After the chanting, there is a present moment awareness guided meditation. Let this be a pause in your day to unwind, soften, relax, invite, allow, and welcome in the best life has to offer you.

Track 2 I Am Liberated I Am Free – Om shanti shanti shantihi. Join in with the group for Julie’s original and powerful version of this chant to invoke peace in yourself and in the world.

Track 3 Aham Prema – This features a talk about mudras – specific hand symbols and gestures to move and direct energy. The Kali mudra is used here for release and spiritual purification when combined with the chant: Aham Prema. This chant serves to anchor “I am divine love; divine love I am.” Let yourself explore your voice and its full range. Be playful and explore the body and voice. After all that love is chanted, check out that powerful blast of Om at the end! Wow!

Track 4 Drum Chant – This is Julie’s own inspired shamanic rhythms and Ah ha he ho hum words to root and ground in the body and to the Earth. The pulsing, regulating beat provides the body and brain a vibrational place to land and the chance to recognize and remember how good it feels to move and make sounds.

Track 5 Ram – Set to a frame drumbeat, this is chanting of Ram, which is a Sanskrit invocation for “spiritual victory.” This is a simple, repetitive, and meditative mantra that inspires peace and harmony. This is one of Gandhi’s favorite chants and the last thing on his lips as he passed from this world.

Track 6 Om Namah Shivaya – Set to a steady frame drumbeat, this activates our ancient tribal roots. Clap and chant along. This is a chant to say, “I bow to the inner Self.” This is a testament to the power of group song and what happens when we join our voices together.

Track 7 Chimes & Teachings on Chant – Julie offers whimsical chimes that awaken your innocence and remembrance of who you truly are. This leads into a teaching about chant and how sacred sounds and vibrations heal us. It is an offering of how to let the chant be a healing nectar and to love the one who might judge.