The Inner Child I Love You Meditation (mp3 download)

If there is one thing Julie Dittmar could leave behind on the planet after she goes, this would be the legacy she would want to live on. Let it melt every corner of your heart and open you wide to your own self-love and innocence. We all deserve this sweetness.

The Inner Child I Love You Meditation (mp3 download)

Total running time: 1 track, 7 mins.

One summer day, Julie Dittmar had a vision of this recording coming to life. She heard it, felt it, and saw it in reality. She called recording studios to schedule children to go in to record “I love yous.” She felt that hearing “I love you” in a child’s voice would be just about the sweetest thing ever! Two studios turned her down and said they didn’t work with children. They told her that her idea would “never work” because children were just too hard to work with in the studio.

She knew otherwise. She persisted and believed this would be the most powerful track on the entire “Sacred Heart Meditation” CD. You will surely be astounded by the results….the angelic voice of the inner child. This recording has had an extraordinary impact on retreat participants at live events over the years, resulting in life-changing experiences of transformation beyond imagination.

Listen as key healing phrases are spoken in a precious child’s voice and serve as powerful keys to unlock and open doorways of the heart. Allow the tears to flow, and the laughter to erupt in this delightful journey of healing and transformation.

The “I love you” mantra is combined with special Solfeggio frequencies which vibrate at 528Hz, the love frequency of the heart, to allow an experience of deep healing and heart opening so that love may be freely given and received. Through repeated listening, you will tap into the grace of worthiness, the warmth of existential bliss, and a more expansive sense of radiance, harmony, and well-being.

Choose your own level of interactivity by speaking out loud “I Love You” along with this recording, or simply just sit back and relax and allow the biolateral sounds to sweep back and forth like a massage of healing frequencies across the brain. The subtle and powerful movement of sound maximizes the relaxation of the nervous system and the balancing of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

To optimally experience the rich textures and multidimensional, intentional frequencies of this recording, it is recommended that you wear headphones, or position yourself between two speakers. This will maximize and deepen the relaxation response.