Where is Your Happy Place?

Your mind might have answered that question with listing a geographic location, being in the arms of your beloved, doing your favorite hobby, or any time spent doing something that makes your heart sing.

Live enough years on the planet, and we eventually come to realize that happiness isn’t chased, attained, tackled, kept, maintained, or anything outside of us.

Happiness arises. Happiness blossoms from within and becomes the lens through which we see and experience life.

Many of us start with and go through years of seeing life through the lens of unhappiness, misery, a lack of confidence, a lack of everything, anger at the world, and human suffering.

Much of that comes from listening to the voice in our head that lives in fear, spews out warnings, and is critical and judgy of everyone and everything.

We know that it is in direct opposition to happiness, but can’t figure out how to bridge that gap. When none of the “trying to be happy” works, we finally give up. We surrender. We let go. Like the magnet on my refrigerator says, “Let go or be dragged!” Yessssss!

When we stop, pause, feel, and listen……that’s when happiness has the space to arise. That’s when it rises to the surface for us to see, feel, and recognize.

We then can look at life and see the heaven that is already here on Earth, no matter how things appear. Things come and go. They always will. Change is constant.

Can we thank, bless, and love whatever and whomever is in front of us right this very minute? We may find that it sure feels better in the body and mind than any other option.

Everyone and everything is a spark of the Divine...a beautiful grain of sand in the Universe. And, we're all doing the best we can to get through this human thing.

Whatever shows up in our reality is our teacher. Everything is here to help us evolve. It teaches us more about how we can continue to spiral downward, wallow in sadness, guilt, regret, resentments,
and be unhappy.

And, it also equally teaches us how to lift ourselves out of the pit of despair to come into the light of hope, forgiveness, letting the past be the past, know that the future isn't here right now, appreciate all that we have learned and grown from, and to truly be happy.

Then, from that place of inner peace, an inner Buddha smile, that wise, all-knowing, intuitive place, we can see with our eyes the heaven on Earth that is here. It’s always been here; it’s always been beautiful.

Somehow, we are now able to see the colors are more vivid and life touches our senses in a whole new way. Can we just breathe that in for a moment and say “thank you.” And to your own heart and the heart that beats in all beings everywhere—“I love you.”


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