When You Have No Secrets

Written November 29 2018

Honesty and vulnerability are so sexy. Deep, real sharing from an open heart (or a sweet innocent heart that wants to open) is so attractive, alluring, and captivating. It has the capacity to draw us closer together in realizing our connectedness as a collective humanity. We can see and feel the universal qualities in our life experiences when we witness another’s journey.

It can be so egoically tempting to only share parts of ourselves with the world that we think are acceptable, palatable, attractive, or will put us in good favor with another....to get us “the most likes.” But to share what is real, deep, and true for us with loving-kindness, and without fear of loss or rejection, is so freeing.

When we have no secrets and words can no longer be weapons that wound us or we use against others, we are free. When we don’t have lies to keep straight and maintain and stop hiding behind the fear of those being uncovered, we are free.

When we openly and honestly share with another, they could feel closer to us, or they might not be able to handle what it brings up in themselves and they might go away. Such is the flux and flow of relationship. We take the journey with those who are meant to be by our side for as long as it is meant to be.

Ultimately, we cannot say or do anything that will make another person go away. If they leave, they were meant to leave. If they stay, they are meant to stay. We have the same role in their life. We cannot miss out on our destiny. Destiny always knows where to find us. We don’t have to look for it or try to coerce it into fulfilling our wishes. Destiny is simply Divine perfection in action. All is well. Love no matter the words, stories, actions, or experiences. Love because that’s what love does. Love just loves.

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