When Things Are Shaken AND Stirred

Written July 4 2018

Life often gives us contrasting experiences in what appears to be opposites. These open us up in new, exciting, and shall we say “invigorating and enlivening” ways. They can be keys of awakening that shake up the foundation of comfortable, routine, stagnant energies.

Sometimes life shows up as sadness, so we can know more about what happiness feels like.

Sometimes life shows us crazy, so we know more about sanity.

Sometimes it’s full of chaos, so we know more about peace.

Sometimes we experience darkness and heaviness in ourselves and others, so we can better recognize, reclaim, and anchor the light.

Sometimes we need silence to appreciate sound, and sound to appreciate silence.

>Sometimes something seems to leave our lives to show us we didn’t need it anyway, or we deserve something better, or we then suddenly realize how valuable it truly is to us.

Sometimes disappointment shows up so we can see where we’ve placed our expectations.

Sometimes we get attached so we can see where to let go.

Sometimes we fight for control when life is offering us the gift of surrender.

These life experiences can be huge opportunities to reset and rebalance. Through navigating the seas of contrast, we become smarter, stronger sailors – wise to the weather patterns, in tune with the waves, the sun, and the moon. All of this helps us understand more about the entire Universe around us and within us.

May you enjoy smooth sailing seas,

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