When Suicide Touches our Lives

Written September 12 2018

This is the second time this year that a friend of mine has lost a friend to suicide. She was a beautiful woman who struggled with depression and the medicines used to treat it. She was trying to get herself off the medicines. She leaves behind clients in her business, a wide circle of grieving, shocked friends, a 13 year-old daughter, and an ex-husband who is suddenly a full-time father in the wake of tragedy.

Bless her soul with peace, resolve, happiness, and love. Blessings sent to all hearts who are more keenly aware and in tune today with the unpredictability and preciousness of life and the time we have together.

I have seen so closely over the years the energetics and the brain and body chemistry of mental illness and how large a role a cocktail of drugs can play in it making things better, or worse. I've seen it clients, friends, and family.

My dad who was on 20 some odd drugs for his Parkinson's and dementia, who was screaming like a madman in the ER, being verbally abusive and violently throwing things and pushing people, is quite a different version of himself now only being on 6. He has come back to things I thought might have been gone forever. He can call me on the phone, track a conversation, crack jokes, and has the capacity for empathy back again.

We can't walk the journey for our friends in pain, struggle, or who are incapacitated in ways, but we can offer our support, our cognition, awareness, consciousness, and love. We can be patient advocates where possible, appropriate, and necessary.

And, we can just love as fiercely and compassionately as never before....as if tomorrow doesn't exist. Because it doesn't. When is the most important moment to express love? Right now.

I love you and all the lives you touch. Thank you for being here just as you are.

Bless us one and all,

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