What Puts Wind Under the Wings of Your Passion?

Written October 3 2018

What gives your dreams their lift? What gives wings to your passion? What gives you that bubbly feeling of excitement in your gut, heart, and every cell of your body? What starts on the inside as a voice that says “Yes! I want to do that, try that, go there, and feel that?!!” And then, even if feeling small and scared and unsure how it will turn out, or if completely filled with unstoppable confidence, what steps—large or small, are you willing to take to move toward it? Can you buy the supplies it takes, sign up for lessons, watch an instructional YouTube video, or find groups of others in that tribe of your new interest and passion? How can you spend a little time each day or week, actively actualizing it into your reality?

I did that with fulfilling a lifelong dream of wanting to sing and play instruments. I didn’t start fully letting myself play and explore in those realms until my mid-40s. And, as you know, I recently also did that with my 35 year old dormant dream of sailing. A few months ago, I joined a sailing club, took lessons on how to tie knots, understand the weather, and be crew, and got out on the water with the wind on my face. Then, because the Universe is always amazingly perfect, I recently met someone who owns a sailboat and wants to take me out sailing! Those lessons are coming in handy now.

And, an invigorating new interest has surfaced in my life that is so surprising, and it’s so strong, I just can’t shake it. This new passionate curiosity has captured my full attention in such a bold way that it is hard to deny. And why would we deny those callings of the heart into new life experiences that expand us? Can we set aside the fears and dive with enthusiastic joy? I am saying “Yes” to the inner promptings that are inviting me into places I never, ever would have imagined. I will be sharing the trials and triumphs of that journey as I take it, and together—we can be in awe of the magic and mystery of this incredible life. 
There is no time like the present moment to do what you love, what excites you, what brings your passion alive. There is no time like the present to tell someone that you love them and live like there’s no tomorrow!

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