You Know You Need a Break, Right?

It’s become so very necessary in our day-to-day life for our mental, physical, and emotional well-being to make time to unplug a bit from the devices and EMFs, to get nice and grounded, connect with nature’s elements, and soak in some negative ions and oxygen from nature.

Nature knows how to calm us when we are overwhelmed, stressed, experiencing fears and anxiety, or depression. From the beginning of time nature has been our greatest healer. Our cells know and remember this.

Sometimes it just takes a reminder. It takes us taking the time to step away from the activities and the doing, to actually give ourselves the freedom to pause, feel, relax, breathe, and be mindful about where we are spending our energy—what feels yummy, and what depletes us. 

That can take getting really real, honest, and taking action where we may not exactly have felt very motivated in the past. How many times do you absolutely know with complete certainty was is good for you, but then don't choose it? In fact, you choose the exact opposite?

Maybe you know you've overworked today, but then continue to skip that lunch break. Your immune system feels low, but you reach for the sweets that continue to zap it. Or you know eating a certain food makes you tired, cranky, bloated, or achy, but you eat it anyway.

Every day gives us the chance to begin fresh and new. In fact, every moment does. You don't have to be who you were in the previous moment. 

You can choose to give yourself the healing gift of reconnection time with nature: 

  • hold a rock in your hand
  • meditate
  • breathe with a tree
  • sing with the birds
  • admire the beauty of a flower, a leaf, a blade of grass
  • take a walk/run
  • do your own yardwork, rake the leaves, plant a garden
  • open the windows of your house to let the breeze and fresh air in
  • go swimming, take a shower—immerse yourself in water
  • learn to kayak, canoe, stand-up-paddle, sail—be one with the wind and water
  • ski—pause before that run to just take in the view from the top of the mountain and catch snowflakes on your tongue
  • do your yoga or tai chi practice outside
  • watch a crackling campfire or beach bonfire and smell the smoke in the air
  • surf the ocean—appreciating all creatures above and below the water’s surface

And throughout it all...take a moment to pause amidst the quiet or chaos of your life to love your own heart. Love the you who is a part of nature and the entire cosmos. Love the you who feels change on the planet and knows at the deepest level—no matter how life appears, somehow all is well.

If you could use a lift today in your life, please join me in the “I love yous” to your own heart.



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