We Are Nature

Written January 5 2019

Happy new year and new moon day! It’s lovely to unplug a bit from the devices and EMFs, get nice and grounded, connect with nature’s elements, and soak in some negative ions and oxygen from nature. However you like to reconnect with your soul’s deepest places: hold a rock in your hand, meditate, breathe with a tree, admire the beauty of a flower, take a walk/run, open the windows of your house, go swimming, take a shower, ski—pause before that run to just take in the view from the top of the mountain, catch snowflakes on your tongue, do your yoga or tai chi practice outside, watch a crackling campfire or beach bonfire, surf the ocean—appreciating all creatures above and below the water’s surface, take a moment to pause amidst quiet or chaos to love your own heart. Love the you who is a part of nature and the entire cosmos....who feels change and knows at the deepest level—no matter how life appears, somehow all is well.

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