Walking In Our Own Shoes

What IF all the time you spend talking about other people and wondering what they would think or say about this or that, or your interpretation of what you think you heard them say, or the time you spend asking others for their input and opinions on your life, your dilemmas, etc. was spent completely focused on loving your own heart, loving others' hearts, and listening to whatever someone wishes to express? What if you just listened with complete interest and care, without attaching "I know that" meanings to it, categorizing it, and needing to interpret and repeat it, or to be the one to "fix it"? What if you gave yourself fully to your own heart, your own innocence, your own intuition, your inner master guide, your inner guru? 

What doors might open? What keys might appear? What would awaken within?
What if you were to stand in front of someone with nothing to say (on or offline)? No comments, no dialogues, no debate – just pure, open heart space and the gift of compassionate listening. And if the impulse arises to jump in and correct someone, or share what you feel is so certain in the moment – you just send love to that part that is so eager. Each one of us, at every part of our journey – deserves more love, not less. May we slow our breath....breathe deeply and remember, we all deserve more love, not less.

What if you lived life with only your direct knowing and experiences and not by the slippery slopes, and ever changing landscapes of hearsay? What if you listened to "no reporters from the field," not the media' perspective, and not anyone else's? You can hear about what it is like to be cold, but until you have been cold, it's quite a different experience of knowing.

You can hear about "Dark Night of the Soul", but until you are placed on that path, it is a concept of understanding that you can only imagine. You can hear about awakening of intuition, but until it blossoms within you and you experience its miraculous, unexplainable unfolding, you might still be surprised by what that actually is. You can hear about someone's experience of struggle and pain with an illness, but until you are in the midst of that journey, while there can be empathy – something truly deeper gets carved into your life experience when actually walking across the hot coals yourself. 
You can hear about the practice and benefits of yoga or chanting, but until you feel the vibration, breath, or asana in your body, it's just something that sounds really great. Kind of like the description on a bar of chocolate can read really well, but until you break off a square and melt it on your tongue, it remains a series of printed words pointing to an experience.

What if you step deeper into the mystery and the not knowing. What if you were to only face forward, directly into the unknown like Christ did – heart exposed, and arms outstretched? Yes, Life, I humbly know nothing, I welcome it all, and I am grateful for all that shows up to teach me. Everything is a gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Peace, love & blessings to all,
Julie Dittmar


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