Unsuspecting Gifts On Your Doorstep

What if freedom is beyond the idea of what you have or don't have? What if you are free regardless of anything physical, and any perceptions that something is being taken from you or given to you? What if whatever seems to come and go in life, has no relation to your Ultimate freedom? What if something you have been so comfortable with and so used to suddenly changes – can it just simply be change? Can you recognize change to be so aligned with Life’s perfection and how it serves your soul’s highest and greatest evolution?

What if nothing can truly be taken from you, but instead, everything that arrives at your “doorstep” is a gift, no matter how it is wrapped?

What if we step closer into it, welcome it, and say, "Yes, even this, too"? So, where breathing once was easy and now it is labored – yes, this too. So, where walking was once steady and strong, but now is wobbly and weak – yes, this too. So, where thinking was clear, but now there is fog – yes, this too.

Let us love the one who reacts to change with fear, anger, frustration, shock, sadness, elation, celebration, bewilderment, disappointment, confusion, paralysis, passion, excitement, or inspiration. Our innocence deserves our most compassionate love, patience, gentleness, and encouraging support. May you love your own heart more thoroughly and deeply than anyone ever has before.

Your greatest freedom invites you to step out of time, out of martyrdom, out of victimhood, out of an old paradigm of patterns that have you conditioned to habitually feel small, alone, unworthy, and limited. The most unlimited freedom awaits your discovery, and welcomes your arrival. Blink, the eyes and heart open and there is revealed a landscape of perfection. This is where, no matter the appearance, we know there is an intricate, infinitely wise web of connectivity and interrelation between all cells, atoms, molecules, and flows of energy.

Whether flowing up, down, sideways, or backwards, all seemingly individual parts work together in the organism as a whole…to beat the heart, and breathe the breath. No matter what the body, mind, or circumstances seem to say, we smile and take the next step. And with that step, the entire Universe smiles, and expands.

Peace, love & blessings to all,
Julie Dittmar


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