Time to Say Yes to Life

Written January 10 2018

So, when life gives you what you have been secretly or even boldly, openly asking for this year, are you going to be crazy enough to open yourself up even wider than ever before, leap, jump, bound, take "the risk," live like there's no tomorrow, and SAY YES TO IT????

Or are you going to say, "No, not yet Universe, I'm not quite ready, worthy, or it's not quite perfect and how I imagined. It's not a convenient time. I'll wait a while longer, or I'll turn this down and hope it comes back around later. I have feelings arising, it's bringing up stuff, I need to go away and work on polishing myself more so I can truly be prepared for this." That happens all the time in love relationships, business deals, and making any big life decisions.

We are here in a body to have all these incredible experiences on this planet. We truly don't know anything about tomorrow and whether or not we will be here to see it or not. There are no guarantees on the amount of time for anyone or anything, and we aren't privy to expiration dates on really anything but what's in the fridge. Love, however, knows nothing of risk or of time. It just loves as it does with freedom and pure abandon.

The past several years of trying to figure out and navigate my tricky, mysterious health issues has certainly chiseled more room in me to truly live in the joy and passion of the moment. When you seize the moment, you often then find you ARE given the next moment, and the next one.... to just keep living in the moment.

Those three months I sat hooked up to high-dose vitamin C IVs at a health clinic for 6 hours a week talking with mostly cancer patients in their teens to their 80s -- truly changed me. It ignited a "nowness" like never before. They were filled with hope, positivity, and "the now." They were filled with gratitude for everything and everyone in their lives. They were my healings angels, as I was for them.

NOW is all there is.

I choose to fill my life with peace, love, joy, and happiness. No longer living bound by the chains of fear, need, and obligation. I follow my heart and my intuition. I spend time around people where there is mutual love, care, interest, and nurturance. I spend time with people who are as excited to spend time with me, as I am with them. I don't worry about making "the wrong decisions." I make a decision, commit to it, and move on with life. There are no wrong decisions, just choices. And, of course, if I want to "uncommit" to something, I equally do that, too. We all have free will to use as lovingly and consciously as we can.

Anything else that is an energy drain, or is clearly not smooth, flowing energy, I let go -- now and forever more. When you have little or no energy in life, it becomes so clear where the boulders are that you've been pushing uphill. You then have the opportunity to drop all the rocks, put your feet in the grass, and cherish the smiling faces of all the colorful flowers.

Rumi says the soul is here for its own joy. I don't see that selfish, I see it as wise. We are given life to enjoy. Can we keep it that simple without placing unnecessary burdens and complications on it? The happier we are in ourselves benefits our own well-being on all levels, those around us, and the energy field of the whole world! Maybe it's our job to be joyful while we are here?!!

It's a bit of a spiritual cliche to say, "I go where the energy flows," but you know what, it works every time to serve the highest and greatest good.

Go ahead, go where the energy flows. Follow the nudges and the "pulls" and attractions. The mind says, "But I don't know WHY I feel this way...." It doesn't have to know because there is a higher intelligence at play.

When living in the trust of life's flow and synchronicities, and not worried about controlling yourself, others, and outcomes, you can really live the magic of life. When truly okay with the "okayness" of however life turns out, we are freed to live like there's no tomorrow.

So, 2018, you are going to lob some balls in the air; I'm ready to play catch! You are ready to serve, I am ready to dine. You are ready to love, I am ready to love! <3>

Love in all ways now, 
Julie Dittmar

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