This Totally Made Me Cry

My heart cracked open even more today. Someone I love texted me and said “Please give me your shopping list. I’m going shopping for my parents and want to shop for you too throughout all of this so you can stay safe at home and keep your immune system strong.”

I was so incredibly moved by the thoughtfulness and generosity. It took a lot for me to say "Yes" and receive.

My groceries arrived with these gorgeous surprise springtime tulips “To cheer you.” After he left, I sat with the tulips and cried. I couldn’t give him a thank you hug. I cried for all the goodness, all the kindness in the world, for myself, for friends and loved ones, for the collective grief and fears, for all of humanity, for Mother Earth, for the perfection and exquisite beauty that is this whole big, crazy wild ride of planetary awakening.

Life is so beautiful…and simultaneously hard. Life is heartbreakingly brilliant—the best and worst storylines all at once. And we are such spiritual warriors to surf these waves. I am in awe of all of us.

I smiled at the flowers and thanked them for being what burst my heart open even more today, and laughed at the power of a pretty flower. Who knows what will crack us all open tomorrow? I do know that something so simple, combined with a heartfelt gesture reached into my soul so intensely and deeply.

I prayed, “May all our hearts be cracked open now to more LOVE than ever before by the simplest of treasures in life.”

Perhaps that treasure is a flower today, the moon, or your child’s smile and crazy antics that you would miss if they were to suddenly end, or your dog’s wagging tail, your cat’s sandpaper licks, the sound and vibration of your lover’s voice when you rest your head on their chest, or all the new things and ways you are now experiencing the world.

What’s the treasure that cracks you open to more LOVE right now? Are you bursting into tears over the teeniest beautiful things? I'd love to hear. Please share.

>> And please support everyone's health and STAY AT HOME for the short-term, so we can enjoy long-term in-person love with one another soon enough. Life asks us not to rush to the conclusion of this storyline right now.

Now more than ever--all love,

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