There is Nothing to Fear and Everything to Love

You know what it is to have a dream, passion, and joy that shakes up and wakes up your heart. You can taste it, see it, feel it in your bones and every breath. You can feel it excite and enliven every cell of your being. This is a photo from a kitesurfing launch area at a local lake. Intuitively I know, I see, and feel that some day I will have the experience of launching from here. I am preparing for the journey in a multitude of practical, tangible, physical ways. And, I also go there to visualize it, to build the relationship with my kite that I can somehow already see in the sky. My heart is dancing with it.

I meditate and commune with the wind, the water, all the creatures in the water, the birds, the rocks, the trees. As various fears arise inside me, I breathe and hear, “There is nothing to fear, but everything to embrace. There is nothing to fight or push away, but everything to embrace.” I relax and smile. I invite and allow the Divine masculine to help with the active details of doing, as my Divine feminine balances with receiving the gifts that are flowing from this unfolding journey.

I am the water, the water I am. I am the wind, the wind I am. I am life, life I am. May whatever dream that is alive within your heart come fully to fruition for the well-being of all. May you see it, hear it, taste it, feel it, and BE it... because you already are it. This discovery awaits your embrace ?

#kitesurfing #followyourdreams #listentoyourheart



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