The Sound of Silence

How much more time would we have in our day if we just listened to others, or only reported on our direct experiences? What could you know about what is really going on in anyone else’s mind or reality? Really you can only know what is happening in your world of perceptions through filters of what the mind “thinks is happening.”

What if we spent a day not hypothesizing what someone might say, or recounting, replaying, and regurgitating what we think someone said? What if all that we hear and say (that comes from ourselves or others) is just a series of syllabic vibrations that we constantly assign meaning to and then react to as if it is absolute truth.

What if all the hearsay and conjecture is just a very colorful play of life – meant to stir and reveal those places where our overstimulated nervous systems (and addictions to drama, to being the one “in the know,” to wielding a certain level of superiority, righteousness, and power) can use some unwinding and much deserved nourishing relaxation?

What if the talking about others is eliminated and there is then space? What if we don’t fill that space. Can we sit patiently, quietly, curiously, and without expectation to see what arises?

Beyond the ego’s lively, rollicking chatter… there is a field. I will meet you there.

Julie Dittmar


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