The Soul Knows How to Speak to Us

Written July 29 2017

You're never "too old" or "too young" for anything! I had a spontaneous remembrance today of growing up being told by people all the time "you're too young to be listening to that music." I laughed. I was way into "classic radio." My first few jobs were as a DJ at classic radio stations. People didn't understand how a teenager could appreciate music from the 40s and 50s.

Those of us who remember our past lives, do. I can see it now, and obviously wasn't meant to know it then. The mystery would unfold over the years. If I could have come into this life wearing a poodle skirt and driving a metallic blue t-bird, I would have! My dad unknowingly nurtured this in me by having one of the most amazingly beautiful juke boxes. Oh how I loved to play the 45s!

I also would spend time in my bedroom listening to a radio station that played Gregorian chants around Christmas time. Although I didn't consciously understand the sound healing and balancing properties in the brain and body as I do now; I just knew I felt calm and comfortable listening to them and chanting along as best I could.

And what about all those of us who love "classical music?" "Oh that's so 1700s!" Mozart and Bach are incredible no matter what our age, or the era in which we live.

Let us not be confined by the ideas and opinions of others or our own minds. Let us nurture in our children (and our own inner child) what some may see as "strange"! We are all wonderfully unique in our own most glorious ways.

Music is the language of the soul. It knows nothing of age and time. It knows how to feel, express, and connect us all.

Loving myself and you just as you are,

(photo from 13 yrs. ago when I was in a 4 person comedy troupe - that's is the "Peggy Sue" character)


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