The Magical Powers of the "Jackass" - Part 1 (maybe that's a new animal totem???!)

You just never know what's around the next corner in life!

"I'm sorry." Those are two very potent words when delivered with the utmost heartfelt sincerity!

Today I just discovered a filtered, hidden folder of Facebook messages that have been piling up in there for a couple of years. Sometimes it's not that we are being ignored, it's that the message was never received!! In that folder, I found a note that was sent to me last November 2017. It was an apology for a phone conversation that must have been at least 10 years ago!

He wrote: "My memories of our last interaction are of me being a complete unaware and non-empathetic jackass! Since then, I’ve been on a self-inquiry journey and what I’ve found is that I owe you a sincere apology for my behavior. Also, looking at those memories with new vision is that I remember how talented you are."

Holy wow. Apology accepted! So beautiful. Look how we all grow?! Anything is possible. I told him I remember that conversation very well and arrived at the same conclusion about his behavior -- so we were on the same page about it. ;) Bahahah!

I also said that telling me "who I'll never be," and what I will "never succeed at" or be able to do in my life, actually inspired some real goodness in my life. Within 3 months of that phone call, I had a great opportunity show up in my life that proved none of the naysaying to be true in my reality. I took the ball and ran with it, and never looked back!

That "jackass" conversation lit a big fire in me that took True Divine Nature to the next level of visibility for the teachings to be enjoyed by all of you! That conversation was inspiration and motivation to live a greater life -- to play bigger. I distinctly remember being on the receiving end of poo-pooing what I could do in my life and feeling my inner lioness say, "Oh yeah, you wanna bet? I am woman, hear me roar. Watch what I'm about to do." And then I did bigger and better things than ever before.

The jackass character can be a motivator, a catalyst, a change agent when we see it for what it truly is!

We all play our perfect roles, say just the right things at the right moment, and the ripples go out across time and space from there.

I find the timing of this to be so wonderful as last week I had just written about the love and support that is needed for the awakening men in our world. There is SUCH beauty in speaking truth with compassion, in our honesty, our vulnerability, and in sometimes saying "I'm sorry." I am always a champion and cheerleader of ALL of us waking up to how truly amazing we really are.

Oh dear one, you are forgiven now and forever more. You did not know what you did not know back then. You can only know what you know right now. And whatever is realized in this moment -- is just perfect -- for now.

You are so beautiful. You are so worthy of goodness. You are so loved.

Love is always the way,

P.S. Part 2 of this story is published on 7/20/18