The Magical Healing Powers of the Jackass - Part 2

Written July 20 2018

A few weeks ago, I wrote about "The Magical Healing Powers of the Jackass." (blog post 6/18/18)

I respectfully didn’t reveal the character behind the “jackass.” Especially when it was a big name in town. ;) It wasn’t necessary in conveying the story of growth, inspiration, and transformation. In a delightful, healing, life twist of events though, I had lunch with him last week! Then a few days later, I visited his radio station show and even went to board game night at his house with his family and friends (photos are us playing at his house)

He said he’d read my Facebook post and that it would be even more powerful and healing for men and women alike if I shared with you all the person behind that story. I agreed of course, and was amazed at this next level of awesome courage to be transparent and seen! We had a nice, long, lovely conversation about #metoo and the awakening happening across all of humanity. We laughed because the “jackass” character is genderless. It is simply ego playing out as ego does. It plays out its anger, insecurities, and tries to cover its woundedness and vulnerabilities. We’ve all done it. We’ve all survived it in ourselves.
There are so many powerful changes taking place in each of us, and the world at such an accelerated rate now. I shared with him how that one interaction between us all those years ago had unfolded with absolute precision in my life since then. Life isn’t cruel, it’s PERFECT in every way.

So, meet my new friend BJ Shea! He’s a local celebrity co-host (along with Steve Migs) of the Seattle morning radio show on 99.9FM KISW The Rock. BJ and his wife came into my life about 11 or so years ago through Matt’s teachings and sessions we offered through our work, but haven’t really stayed in touch over the years. At our lunch last week, BJ and I chatted about that infamous phone conversation we had that he apologized for 10 years after the fact. His honesty, openness, and heartfelt sincerity was simply gorgeous. Forgiveness was more than given. He talked about how it’s important for people -- for men “to own their stuff”.
Yes, we do need to be aware and accountable of our words and actions. And, I would say it’s just as important to love ourselves through the not so pretty, dark, shadowy, unsavory parts of ourselves that arise and get expressed in ways that don’t feel good to ourselves, to others, and bring about shame or regret. Can we forgive ourselves and others, and love again even more deeply?
The answer is always “YES!” And the depth of that is quite astounding and ever unfolding. Love is a lifelong teacher.
BJ then shared his personal journey through the teachings of spiritual teacher Byron Katie, and his self-growth and inner transformation. Again, Life is the best scriptwriter ever. The depths of character we are all capable of is beyond what the mind can comprehend. We all grow and open when we are ready to see. We heal and step through the doors that are open to us in our evolution when we are destined to, and not a moment too soon or too late.
My conversation with BJ then led me to reflect on that there are reasons the characters of Howard Stern, Elaine on Seinfeld, and Larry David and so many others are so wildly popular even though they “push our buttons” and are nearly always politically and socially “incorrect.” They express so freely – with uninhibited and wild abandon! They say the things that may run through everyone’s minds at some point, but those of us on a heart-centered journey would never dare say out loud. We live life guided by the “do no harm” motto.
Those characters do and say things our inner child only wishes we could get away with without negative consequences in life (arrest, losing friends, offending nearly anyone). They live freely, albeit sometimes in unconscious and unkind ways. They tap into the real, messy, shadowy, uncensored, not so perfect places in the human condition that we’ve all experienced and can relate to. In a backwards way, or almost reverse psychology way, they show us how to lead kinder, more loving, less “judgy,” more inclusive lives! Sometimes it takes seeing or hearing something so insane, profane, ridiculous, or “unreal,” that it snaps us out of our dream state and wakes us up to something new. We see this in the U.S. nearly every day now….! 
In another, karmic, cleansing, healing turn of events, BJ surprised me again. The apology would have been enough, but the character he was playing in my life wasn’t done. He then left me with something to really sit with…to really feel into my heart of hearts.
He shared with me that he felt I am “the complete package” – and that if I wanted, I could “be really big” in radio (wow, full circle back to the beginning of my career! Think “Delilah” he said…I was stunned as I've secretly thought that to myself for years), podcasts, videos, across social media, etc. And he went into great detail with brilliant supporting evidence about how it is TIME for the rise of feminine voice, and people are listening. He encouraged and supported the sharing of my voice. Wow.
He said, “It’s time for YOU to be the talent, shine your light, and let others bring in support around YOU,” as he outlined how that could happen. Double wow. What a turn of events to go from the negativity and naysaying years ago, to showering me with support for the multitude of talents he now sees in me as "star power." Hmmm, I was intrigued and could feel something deep and true in it.
Is there a reason I was hearing this on the heels of my 13 years of supporting Matt and “The Love Revolution”? Absolutely. By the time he finished, I was pretty damn excited about this character of “Julie,” myself! I am excited to watch this blossoming storyline. Life is too, too funny.
The Universe was speaking to me through this character….and this time, I was really tuned in and listening.
Thank you BJ for your beautiful, caring heart. Thank you for opening your heart for the benefit of yourself and those around you. Thank you Life for your never ending wisdom and humor. I am humbled and in awe. The world is a cosmic playground. What paintbrushes will we whip out and use today???!!! Giddyup, I’m ready. Let’s rock this joint.

Always grateful,

P.S. New healing videos have been posted on my YouTube channel for you to enjoy and share the love: Julie Dittmar YouTube Channel
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