The Joy of Diversity

Over the years, I’ve occasionally had people email me to complain and judge me for not being at the same frequency and vibration as Matt.

That’s right, I’m not. And we’re both okay with that. That’s why we are a complement to each other. That’s why I am able to be a grounding agent for him and the group at our events.

In our first few years of working together, 12-13 years ago, I would fall for that. I’d beat myself up in the angst of comparison with him. I’d torment myself over not being able to think like Matt, I didn’t respond to life as consciously as Matt, I didn’t have the perfect words like him, or the biggie for me – talk to guides like him!

I had asked God, guides, and angels my whole life to connect with me directly and clearly like Matt connects with his guidance. I was in secret suffering for years that I had asked for those gifts so earnestly, so sincerely, and was so open and ready for 20 years before Matt even came into my life, and then it seemed that God gave them to someone else who didn’t ask for them, wasn’t wanting or looking for them, and didn’t even know what the gifts were!

In waking up out of the projections and opinions of others, I now understand more about his gifts and mine, and the wise flow of the Universe. My intuition shows up differently, but just as validly as his….just in different ways. We listen to my intuition AND his. And each of our gifts change, grow, and new things open up over time. It’s time to evolve when it’s time to evolve.

Asking me to be at the same frequency and vibration as Matt is like asking different colors of the rainbow to be the same. They’re not. It’s how all the colors of the rainbow come together for a full spectrum of glorious eye-popping, heart-opening color that contribute to the grand miracle that is life.

It’s like asking a symphony to all play like French horns. Goodness no. Thank God for the oboe, the flute, sax, drums, gongs, and strings. Even the cosmic hum of the Universe has high tones and low tones blended together.

It’s like asking chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream flavors to all be chocolate. Well then we wouldn’t have neapolitan ice cream cake!


It’s like saying to peanut butter, “Why can’t you be more like chocolate?” But then we wouldn’t have chocolate/peanut butter cups.

Or “Hey horse, why can’t you be more like a unicorn?”

“Umm because I’m too busy being the most awesome expression of God as a horse. That’s why. If I morph into a unicorn in my sleep, then so be it, but right now I’m busy rockin’ this.”

We are unique, beautiful expressions of the Divine. Let us embrace and celebrate this in every breath!

With love for all of us just as we are,

P.S. Let us all come together in our rainbow of unique expressions in heart-centered community. We look forward to seeing your beautiful self out there on the road. Come join us on our tour: Upcoming Events