The Inner Child Loves Laughter

Written August 9 2018

I just love the sweet, gentle, beautiful, peaceful, creative, caring souls who come to the planet and have such an incredible impact. Jim Henson was one of those people. So grateful for the love and laughter and how deeply the characters he and his team created — reached in to touch the depths of other souls.

May we always love our inner child and the inner child of others.

(This series of photos was taken at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, GA—it was surreal to be in the same room with these incredible puppets who were brought to life by talented puppeteers to teach great life lessons and inspire so many laughs. What amazed me the most was how even more beautiful they were in person. The quality, love, and attention to detail is simply exquisite. Most things in person are not as dazzling as they appear on the screen, but to be near the Jim Henson puppets and Muppets was truly astounding. Most TV and movie props and costumes tend to look more “fake” in person. Somehow, these characters felt very alive and were beautifully detailed and cared for....#gratefultobeonplanetearth)

#loveourinnermuppet #lovetheinnerchild 

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