The Gifts of Travel and Seeing the World

Written August 15 2018

Today was an bucket list trip through a Louisiana bayou! Definitely want to do that with the experience of a great guide and boat captain. There are all sorts of deadly things out there in the water and on land—both plants and animals! The baby alligators were adorable though. I love the look of an alligator lying out in the sun on a log... they appear as if they are smiling.

Whether we travel nearby in our own hometown, or to far away lands, getting to see, feel, and experience more of this richly diverse life on planet Earth is a blessing. There are so many gifts in it — it offers us great perspective outside of our own cultural “bubble,” you get to meet new, amazing people, and try different foods, routines, schedules. There is often a different rhythm to travel than home life. I love it. It keeps the wonder, awe, and humility alive in my life.

It is one of many ways to get to know ourselves and humanity even more deeply. I have used every interaction with every person I’ve met, to be a chance to inspire smiles, and spread more peace and love into all hearts everywhere.

When we come together for a moment in time, may that moment be remembered as a meeting of angels.

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