Stop, Pause, and Breathe

Do you remember "Stop, drop, and roll" from elementary school? It's a fire safety technique taught to children to put out a fire.

We might do well to have a version of that in the spiritual journey as well. "Stop, pause, and breathe" to douse the fire of the mind and calm the inflammation of ego.

When the mind is swirling, worrying, and wondering, and the body feels constriction and stress.... STOP. PAUSE. BREATHE.

As you read this...
Draw the breath slowly and deeply in through the nose or mouth...fully filling the lungs. Feel the expansion that happens in the rib cage and the space that opens up between the ribs with the inhale. Pause for a moment when the lungs are filled... then exhale verrrrrry slowly out like a slow leaky balloon. Slowly exhale all the way out until you feel that lovely emptiness that then invites you take another breath in. Let each breath be a gift of balance to the heart and the nervous system.

When feeling overwhelmed by possibilities, by life's uncertainties, by the "how will I...." or "what if.....", stop pause, and breathe. Start with 3 cycles of breath and if you have time and find it soul supportive and nourishing, continue on for more rounds. Let us breathe slower than the world is moving around us. Let the world empath our peace, instead of the other way around.

Let this moment be a different way of moving in the world. Let us instead of reading this and saying "That's nice, thanks for the reminder, I ought to do that, that sounds good" and then "I'll do that later" and move onto the next task of "doing," let this be a new moment to do something new. Let this be a fresh moment to circulate some new energy in your body and life.

What if this is showing up in your reality right now to encourage and inspire the very immediate action that will be just what your soul's journey is crying out for? Only when we take action and move energy in a way we know will greatly serve us, can we then allow its effects to take hold and ripple throughout our cells, our consciousness, our relationships, and every other aspect of reality. When we take these positive steps, it can be a portal out of pain, and open doors to the most miraculous manifestations imaginable.

You deserve that.

I join you right now....and together, let us STOP. PAUSE. BREATHE.

With love & support always,


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