She Believed

And then she did it again and again. The world smiled, the birds sang, and dolphins chattered with joy.
It’s interesting to notice (I wasn’t looking for this), but it’s been hard to people ask me “What’s new?” and I share that I’m going to Mexico to learn how to kitesurf—the men have been the ones quick to warn me of dangers, and every single woman has supported me. Many men say to me, “You’d better have good health insurance” “What, do you have a death wish?!” or “That’s crazy!” Yes, while it’s a pretty unexpected twist of events in my life; I’m keenly aware of what’s required to do it safely. I trust Life and the experiences we each have in every moment is perfect for our journey.
Every single woman I’ve shared with about kitesurfing over the past 3 months has immediately exclaimed, “That’s SO cool!” “How exciting! I wish I could join you!” “That’s so amazing!” They have been full of encouragement.
I live by intuition. It’s a skill that grows when we trust and listen to it. I’ve been guided in this kitesurfing direction and I’ve found that as I take 3 steps toward it, it comes toward me by 10 steps. The concerns and warnings haven’t caused the passion and purpose to dwindle or my faith to be tested. My eyes are open, precautions are taken (I’m learning from pros, not YouTube videos), my intuition, passion, curiosity, and excitement are my daily fuel. We don’t always know where the journey will lead, but we know when to take steps in the direction of our dreams and let the story unfold. We know when we are destined to experience something. The undeniable, unstoppable, unshakable “yes” is the wind in our kite. It can help sail us into new waters with such precision and perfection.
While I’ve never had a “near death” experience, 5 years of chronic illness that felt like so many deaths has ignited a “living for today” approach to life that is the greatest gift I could ever imagine. If I don’t kite today—then when? May we all live and love for today. Let’s cheer each other’s passions in this precious, beautiful moment.

Big love,

P.S. Huge thanks to the incredibly supportive guys already kitesurfing!

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