Your Intuition Knows What's Needed

And then she did it again and again. The world smiled, the birds sang, and dolphins chattered with joy. Any time you follow your heart, the whole world benefits.

I recently have been inspired to follow my heart and intuition and move in the direction of exploring what some call an "Extreme sport" -- kiteboarding. I've never been the "sporty" type and considering how chronically not well I have been over the course of my life, I can understand the shock to my friends on this one.

People ask me “What’s new?” and I share my plans to train in Baja California for a month to learn how to kiteboard. I was completely mesmerized the first time I saw a kiteboarder (and kitefoiler) zoom by me harnessing the power of the wind and water. My heart swelled with excitement at the idea of doing that some day. 

I find it interesting that when I share my plans and excitement to learn this sport—the men have been the ones quick to warn me of all dangers, while every single woman has supported me. Many men say to me, “You’d better have good health insurance” “What, do you have a death wish?!” or “That’s crazy!”

While yes, it’s a pretty unexpected twist of events in my life; I’m keenly aware of what’s required to do it safely. I know plenty of kiteboarders who have been seriously injured over the years, and I also know others who've been relatively injury-free over nearly 20 years of it. I trust Life and the experiences we each have in every moment is perfect for our journey. I manifest my own experiences, just as you do.

It is remarkable to note that every single woman I’ve shared with about my passion for kiteboarding has immediately exclaimed, “That’s SO cool!” “How exciting! I wish I could join you!” “That’s so amazing!” They have been full of support and encouragement.

I live by intuition. It’s a skill we can grow. It's like a muscle we must exercise to build it up. It needs to be nurtured and cultivated. We do that by listening to it, and by trusting it. When spiritual teacher Matt Kahn and I were leading our retreats or teleseminars together, we would teach this as a guide for how to follow your intuition:

1) If something is a "Yes," nothing can stop you. It feels very clear to move in that direction.

2) If something feels like a hesitation, confusion, or a "Maybe," that is a no. Now it might just be a no for now. That might change the next day or next week. You can always check-in later to see where it's at.

3) If it's a no, that is a NO. If your gut, or any part of you feels tight, constricted, dread, or like your soul's joy is being shut down, that's life asking you not to go against the "No." It's best to not move in that direction.

I’ve been guided in this kiteboarding direction and I’ve found that as I take 3 steps toward it, it comes toward me by 10 steps. So much magic just opens up along the way....the supportive people, teachers, and experiences show up at just the right moment. Moment to moment validates and affirms the absolute "Yes" of the decision to do it!

I listen to my intuition that says so clearly to "Go in that is a part of your healing." I listen to my body's signals as I take the steps to make the dream happen. The body is excited, but peaceful. Clear. I listen to nature. The trees, the wind, and the water speak to me. 

The concerns and warnings haven’t caused the passion and purpose to dwindle or my faith to be tested. My eyes are open, precautions are taken (I’m learning from pros, not YouTube videos), my intuition, passion, curiosity, and excitement are my  fuel.

We don’t always know where the journey will lead or for how long, but we know when to take steps in the direction of our dreams and let the story unfold. We know when we are destined to experience something. It might only be for a moment, or a week, a month, or for the rest of our life. And who knows what taking steps outside of our "box" and comfort zones witll could lead to a new friend, life partner, business venture, geographic location, or something else wonderfully unexpected.

The undeniable, unstoppable, unshakable “yes” is the wind in our kite. It can help sail us into new waters with such precision and perfection.

While I’ve never had a bonafide clinical “near death” experience, 8 years of a wild kundalini awakening that included so many egoic deaths of everything I had thought to be true, and 6 years of chronic illness that felt like so many more deaths has ignited a “living for today” approach to life that is the greatest gift I could ever have imagined. The not feeling well so deeply and for so long has changed my relationship with fears, our physical existence in the body, and with life and death. 

If I don’t fly a kite today—then when? May we all live and love for today. Let’s cheer each other’s passions in this precious, beautiful moment. This moment is all we know we have right now.

Big love,

P.S. Huge thanks to the incredibly supportive guys and gals who are already kiteboarding! It's always a beautiful thing to lend a hand to others, share knowledge, and reach back to carry the beginners forward. Way to embody the power of community!

*Additional support for the journey: Recording of the telegathering "Awakening Your Intuition"



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