Shadows and Light

Written April 12 2016

I have seen the darkness that you know ever so well.
I have known the depths of your living hell.
I have felt the desperation and the pain that you feel,
While sincerely just wanting to smile and to finally heal.
I have cried your salty tears,
And lived your growing fears.
I know the aloneness you hide so silently and so deep,
While lashing out in “unfairness!” as you endlessly wail and weep.
I have heard all of your cries for more mercy, freedom, and grace,
While you try to get through today as if it’s a great race.
I see you, I feel you, I am you…
I understand your longing for relief, a final knowing, and connection with what is Ultimately True.

Let us now walk hand in hand, and welcome in both the dark and the light,
To invite a greater union, where there will be no more fight.
In an act of surrender, let me drop my tug-of-war rope,
Stepping deeper into trust, love, peace, and hope.
No more division between your journey and mine,
While different faces and stories, it’s all the Divine.
On a huge canvas of life where it’s all part of the One,
So much compassion for the one who has come so very undone.
Unraveled to the core,
Praying for “no more!”,
These life experiences are expanding awareness,
Beyond ideas and questions of “what is fairness?”
I declare the fight is over; and yet no one has won,
Old ways and paradigms are at the end of their run.
No beliefs can I carry; they serve me no more,
I just simply must love the one I abhor.
I now sit with the One, the One that is me,
To love myself fully, and so completely.
Each “I love you” to my heart is like a wave coming to shore,
Sweeping out what’s not needed – so there can be much more.

I open my heart to “more love and not less,”
A chance to truly come Home and know I am blessed.

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