Seattle Superbowl Sunday: A Reminder to Celebrate Life

In one of our recent Soul Gathering videos, Matt Kahn talked about how it's great to (for raising vibes of self and planet...) "Celebrate the crap out of everything!" Can we do that during the seemingly spectacular days, and for the "mundane" aspects of daily life? "OMGosh, look how I so awesomely scrubbed the toilet bowl, or picked up trash? Look at how I cheered for both sports teams to play well and have a good time? Look at how I was (or wasn't) attached to a certain outcome?"

Today, already – regardless of the outcome of the Superbowl, Seattle is a town that is clearly in the mood to celebrate and cheer. There might even be praying going on??! The Superbowl excitement in this town is like NOTHING I'VE EVER SEEN around a sports team anywhere I have ever lived! Whether we are excited about the game being played or not, can we celebrate:

1) that there is a big wave of celebration and excitement in the air
2) and that excitement has unified SO many around a common love and passion
3) that there are so many successful businesses and products related to today's activities (as we know, celebrating others' successes and prosperity....elevates your vibe and emotional "bank account')
4) that people are feeling exhilarated and alive in being a part of a community/a tribe
5) that people feel so connected that they feel they are a part of "making it happen"
6) whether we cheer one team, or both team's success, that beyond judgments of competition, we are fully engaging and participating in form
7) that as we honor each player and coach at the height of their careers, such greatness foreshadows the emergence of our own success and mastery

Yeah humanity! Yeah life! Yeah for creativity! Yeah for teamwork! Yeah for inspiration! Yeah for sharing food in community! Yeah for chanting and singing together (the "go team" mantra). However the movie of life plays out that shows a football game "on the big screen," can we enjoy the cheering and celebrating, and that people have come together to collectively share in the ups in the downs of the human journey.

So, as we all celebrate, even if we are cheering for different teams, the fact that we are celebrating all at once anchors a vibration of unity consciousness as One for all. Even if you are cheering for no team, or for the end of the football season to be here, or for something entirely different, may today be an opportunity to participate in a celebration that transforms humanity for the well-being of all!

Peace, love & happiness to all,
Julie Dittmar


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