Princess Bride Wisdom

“I’ll tell you the truth and it’s up to you to live with it.”

In 1987, we could thank director Rob Reiner (god, I love that man) and screenwriter William Goldman for bringing us the funny fantasy romance, “The Princess Bride,” with a big dose of highly quotable lines.

We can still thank him today as the movie is now considered a “classic” (it was shown at the TCM Film Fest a couple of years ago) and has quite a cult following. There were so many memorable, quotable lines like:

“Do I love you? My God, if your love was a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches.”

“Life isn't fair, it's just fairer than death, that's all.”

“Love is many things none of them logical.”

“I’ll tell you the truth and it’s up to you to live with it.”

And then there’s “As you wish.” In the movie, the phrase was said by Westley to his beloved Buttercup as an act of service, and in response to her ordering him to do certain farmhand chores for her. She later realizes he is really saying “I love you.” And thankfully, the love turns out to be delightfully reciprocal!

That quotable line reminds me of the “early Matt Kahn and Julie days” when we were just starting out offering events of inspirational wisdom and touring across N. America. In 2006, Matt’s phrase of year was “Come as you are. Be as you wish. Feel it Now.” I made up quote cards for everyone with that on them, but never quite got around to the t-shirt launch! It’s still so
super relevant.

You can melt so much uptightness, judginess, and righteousness by saying “As you wish,” and truly meaning it. How can you be okay with someone just showing up as they are and being as they wish? Try it out as a practice. Your insides might feel a little wiggly at first, but try it as a way to lighten the load, let go, heal your inner control freak, try something new, and let someone have their way.

“Oh, you want to have Mexican food instead of Indian? As you wish.” Try being open and flexible to new life experiences.

It’s outside of our comfort zones that we truly stretch and grow. You’re not giving up yourself and what you want or need, just playing with and exploring where you can expand yourself in new ways. Who knows where it will lead and who you will meet along the way!

Besides, there’s no tug-of-war when you let go of your end of the rope. I’ve found if someone really needs control that badly, often it’s so liberating just to let go. When you’re not all grabby and desperately clinging to “I’ve gotta have this now and it’s gotta be my way,” the softening of attachments can feel so good!

It may feel foreign at first, but with time and sincerity—genuinely GIVING them their wish becomes easier and a lot more peaceful. Eventually, it can actually be done with zero attachment and JOY. It just takes a bit of repetition, and personally, I like to do it with a little Princess Bride flair. I use an accent and bow to m’lady or sir.

If you could use more love, not less in your life today, please join me in the “I love yous” to your own heart.



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