Powerful Manifesting! Atlanta and the South, Here I Come!

A few weeks ago, I posted this photo of me with one of the hosts of the Turner Classic Movie channel (TCM), Ben Mankiewicz. It’s from April when I saw him at their classic film festival in LA. I did not know when I posted that photo what would manifest a short time later. SURPRISE!!!!

I used to do manifestation collages in the 90s and early 2000s. I don’t think I’ve done one in 14 years or so. A few weeks ago (before I posted that photo), I felt inspired to do one again as I wanted to visually connect with what I am co-creating with the Universe, and what I can already feel is coming in.

Simultaneously, a friend of mine was doing a “crystal grid” (you can Google them and find web sites and YouTube videos on how to do them) and she shared with me her remarkable results. I thought since I’d never done one, that I’d add that into the mix.

Sailing was on both my collage and grid. I recently went sailing for the first time….the fulfillment of a dream I’ve had for about 35 years. Finally!

TCM was also on my collage and grid for several different reasons. I was just notified by the Turner Class Movie (TCM) Channel that I WON AN ONLINE CONTEST of theirs that I entered!!! Soon I be will be flying out to their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia on August 8. I was so excited, you would have thought that Cary Grant himself had walked into my living room when they announced that to me!

When I registered, I remember feeling that if anyone was destined to win and be there, I just intuitively knew I would be on that guest list. Even with that internal knowing, each and every time my intuition gets confirmed by life it’s like the very first time -- I am always delightfully surprised and gasp in child-like awe and wonder. It keeps the intuitive gift fresh for me and never, ever taken for granted. Intuitive knowing and confirmations are always precious.

Along with about 4 other people from across the country, I will have the honor of visiting the TCM studios to watch a TCM production being filmed, meet host Ben Mankiewicz (again) and other TCM staffers, have lunch with Ben, then go inside an edit bay to see TCM's post-production in action (sneak peeks at upcoming fun things!).

Since I was very little, I’ve always loved the Golden Age of Hollywood. I was all about the classic movies and TV. Fewer cameras and less movement of the camera became more of what I watched as I went through kundalini awakening and had so much movement of energy in my body that I couldn’t handle quick cuts, lots of edits, overstimulation, and zipping and swooping cinematography. I wasn’t able to watch most of what was on “modern day TV or movies” because the constant fast action would end up making me motion sick. Watching “I Love Lucy” reruns with one camera became relaxing while I enjoyed the levity of laughter. Or the "Rear Window," or "Rope" movies (big, long continuous shot in that one). And of course, any Grace Kelly dress on the screen!

Then, during the past many years of not having great health, when I found my life reduced to being between my bed, computer for work, the grocery store, and the couch, TCM came to the forefront of my reality almost like a comforting friend.

When I wasn’t well enough to physically get out into “this world,” I was able to have a vision quest of my own that included both the balance and space of meditation, and the “other worlds” that I traveled to through the magic of film. I revisited, reignited, and dove deeper into my love of classic films. They didn’t have all the high-tech gadgets and CGI back then and didn’t need to do so much to hold an audience’s attention. Filmmakers simply relied on great actors, storytelling, lighting, sound, and the power of suggestion.

TCM became a part of my deeper awakening, actually. Watching the play of ego throughout all the storylines, the characters’ motivations, the art of incredible lighting (Alfred Hitchcock’s lighting of the staircase and the milk glass in the movie “Suspicion” is pure brilliance!), the themes of life’s journey, how life is so interconnected and interwoven…..and so much more. I felt as if I was attending my own private film school. It became a greater study of art and humanity.

And, as I watched movies with incredible plot twists, my intuition continued to sharpen as I predicted which way a character was going to move in their reality. I had visions of how things would play out in the end before they did. Each time, was an incredible thrill ride.

So, very soon, I get to visit TCM. I am thrilled, grateful, and in awe! They take photos and videos during the set visits and often use them in promos on the channel. It will be strange to see myself on the channel at some point, that has been just an integral part of my journey the past many years....like a movie inside a movie! I’ll make sure I don’t have salad in my teeth – you know, because Martin Scorsese says he watches the channel in every room in his house (he said that at the last film fest).

And, since I’ve never really seen the south and that part of the country, I decided to do my own little “Eat, Pray, Love” tour of the south, while I’m at it. I want to see how consciousness is waking up in other parts of the U.S.

And, for the first time in my life, as especially after the past 13 years of speaking tours, I am inspired to take this trip with little to no plan or tight schedule. I have a plane ticket to Atlanta, and haven’t booked a return flight yet. For someone who has had a life and career living by the clock and calendar full of events, this is going to be a FUN adventure!!

IF I can handle the heat and humidity, in addition to Atlanta, I’m loosely planning on hopping over to check out Savannah, GA. Then I’ll be off to points in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and possibly Tennessee. I can’t wait to see how this part of the journey will unfold with intuition as my guide.

This is a movie I am definitely watching! So honored to be taking this journey with you, my friend. We are ALL winners every day, just by being here!!!

We are manifesting now in such precise, accelerated ways. May we receive all of life's goodness with child-like wonder, awe, innocence, excitement, and gratitude!

All love, all blessings,


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