Our Evolution is the Love Revolution

Let me not push you away so I “can be more of myself.” Let me not exclude anyone or anything to live a more “spiritual life.” After all, a “spiritual life” is really just as simple as kindness expressed through my words, thoughts, and deeds. It is in how I wash the dishes, walk through the aisles at the grocery store, write an email, open doors for others, and love my own and others’ hearts.

Let me invite you in and invite you closer to my heart. Let us take steps toward one another. Let us relax and open wider, more deeply, and into all places of truth, honesty, and raw vulnerability. May Grace wash over all of me, you, and us as innocent expressions of the One.

Underneath all the spinning and swirling of individual perspectives, projections, misconceptions, hearsay, egoic posturing, and fixed ideas, therein lies such a still, quiet, all powerful and pervading tower of sweetness. It is an innocence that so universally just wants a hug, just asks for love, just wants to know it isn’t alone, just wants to be accepted and feel included in a “tribe” in the Universe, and wants to know itself truly, madly, deeply, at its core. Such compassion for each one of us throughout this journey of life. We are so beautifully innocent. We have done nothing wrong.

No blame, no shame, nothing to gain. Let the wars cease; and the peace increase. The time has come, let us be undone, and celebrate the knowing that there is One – one life, one breath, no birth, no death. It is time to expand the planet’s Love Revolution; it is humanity’s awakening – it is our evolution!

Blessings always,

Julie Dittmar



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