Our Endless Capacity to Love Again

Written January 8 2018

I just wrote this (long!) text to a friend and intuitively felt it might be relevant to you or someone else you know, as well. Here you go, friend:

You are a beautiful human being who deserves to give and receive more love. I will never see you any other way.

Life is here to offer you gifts at every turn. Sometimes we just need to stop, slow, breathe, trust, and open our arms wide to recognize them and welcome them in.

We can be wary, weary, and ground down by life's hurts and disappointments, or surrender and let life destroy what needs to be destroyed in us that isn't necessary for the next part of the journey....so that deeper caverns of love and compassion can be carved and opened up in our hearts.

I only know this because I have been smashed so deeply and perfectly in this life! Over and over again. Life is very thorough in smashing us in just the way we need for our highest evolution.

As long as we have a breath in the body, life will continue to show us our endless capacity to love and love again. We must let go of what doesn't work, so we can embrace what truly does. The soul rejoices in this.

And so do the elephants. They already know and live this. :) 

So much love and support for every part of the journey,
Julie Dittmar

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