Om at the Ocean

Written August 14 2018

I met a lovely couple from Texas at the Destin, Florida Harbor Boardwalk. I was looking at the t-shirts at a little shop when they asked the store staff if she knew “what this symbol means?” She couldn’t answer, so I helped them out with all their questions related to OM. They were excited to buy it and take it hOMe.

As Life’s funny matrix would have it, I then surprisingly ran into them a few hours later having spontaneously stopped at a beach out west to see the gorgeous white sand dunes and warmest ocean water I have ever felt! We all were wading in the clear waters as far as the eye could see. 

This planet we are spinning on, and the people we are taking the ride alongside, are endlessly fascinating. 
So filled with gratitude for this grand, mysterious amusement park of life. I am definitely amused, blessed, and in love — with this life.

May your innocence feel the wonder of today, and your heart be filled with gratitude for this breath.


Listen here to the 2hr. 22min. Relaxing, Healing Om Mantra Meditation created just for you:
Relaxing Om
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