Not Time to Shut Up!

Written March 25 2018

I recently had a very spiritually educated person tell me rather sharply that I “just needed to shut my mouth” as I was speaking about what was true for me in my experience of life.

Matt and I have spoken for years about sometimes it’s not time for spiritual teachings, sayings, and ego policing, but rather, it’s time to put them into action through listening as an act of love. Advice isn't always what's being sought, or what the moment is actually calling for.

Sometimes it’s just time to say, “Wow, I’m so sorry you feel that way. You are loved. I love you. I don’t know how to make it better for you, but let me sit with you in this, hold your hand and heart, and love you while it unfolds.” Or, get curious and ask a question, “How can I best support you?”

Being told to “shut my mouth” ignited the perfect fire in my belly. I am grateful for that shock. It allowed the Kali Ma, the Ma Durga in me to rise up. She definitely came in riding her tiger! I expressed that receiving those words didn’t feel good to me and that it was not what I needed, or what anyone needs right now.

We have all been through so much. Dear Lord, we’ve made it this far in life through pain, past life residuals, traumas, betrayals, disappointments, illnesses, and every kind of hurt imaginable, and seen the most unfathomable things in life on this planet, we should be applauded, celebrated at cheered for still being here!

If you’re still breathing, and your heart is beating in your chest, you deserve to be seen, heard, loved, and treated with the utmost love and compassion. Plain and simple. If you have a voice, it deserves to be heard. And the voiceless ones need to be heard and included, too. People are speaking up on the planet for those who cannot speak up.

The balance of masculine and feminine energies is happening all over this planet. Tough talk teachers are falling by the wayside as more heart-centered approaches come to the forefront. Loving teachers and kind words can be even more powerful than other more masculine, push you, rough you up teachers. The subtle realms, we find, are not so subtle after all. The unseen in life is not to be underestimated!

NOW is the time for us more than ever to speak up, not to shut up. We are here as the most vibrant humanity ever to be seen and heard. We are here to shift, uplift, to be the tipping point toward a higher, greater, awakened consciousness.

If you come at sit at my doorstep and tell me your problems, your worries, your fears, your “stories,” I will not say shut up, “that’s a story.” So maybe it is? I will greet you with love and compassion. Maybe it’s part of your story to have a story for a little while, or to even carry it around for a long time until it eventually wears itself out and you outgrow it. The fire inevitably burns up what no longer is meant to take the journey with you.

Throughout the ages, humanity has healed through storytelling. Yours are important, and so are mine. Not the attachments and identifications with them, not the getting caught up in them, but in the sharing, opening, surrendering, the raw vulnerabilities, and the risks taken in revealing them. Can we share our stories without blaming and complaining about ourselves or others?

Sometimes we are healed just by saying the words that are true to us without judging them. Sometimes we are healed just by trying out certain words out loud just to see how they feel. We are artists working out our paint colors, often spontaneously verbally in the air. We all know that one friend who talks and processes everything out loud until they arrive at their own conclusions and resolve. Can we be patient with our journey and the journey of others -- no matter how meandering, messy, and non-linear it may be?

We heal ourselves by speaking things out loud, which moves the energy in us. If we speak out loud our most innocent and primal fears, they cannot have a silent hold on us any longer. We have the chance to hear ourselves and take action where needed to live a happier, freer life.

When we are feeling, we are healing. It is time to speak up, to listen to each other, and to embrace each others’ hearts as if tomorrow doesn’t exist. When we have an intuition, and a nudge of the heart of irrefutable clarity, it is time to follow it no matter the naysayers, the doubters, or those projecting their own preferred wants and wishes onto us. We are not the victims of our reality, we are the co-creators.

With our words filled with energy that can move mountains, may we stand up, speak up, and do so with love. Love is good enough. Love is necessary. Love is what’s needed right now and always to catalyze the conscious action that will bring about lasting change.

Love endures. Love is big enough to hold it all and transform it all.

With love & compassion for all,

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