Not Getting What We Want From Life

Written May 23 2016

Unconditional love doesn't say, "I only love you if you give me what I want."

Unconditional love doesn't say, "I only think you are a loving person of integrity if you meet my needs, wants, desires, and demands."

Unconditional love says, I love no matter what. If I think I do not see love in the landscape of life, then I am the one who brings it!

No matter my mood, conditioning, patterns, or self-imposed limits. No matter life circumstances in view. No matter what you say, or how you act. You deserve "more love, not less." We all do.

Sometimes not getting our way is the most loving and enlightening path of all. It can serve to show us our growing edges, show us where more love can reside, and where to send more love in the next moment. It can show us where we shut off our openness, our love, and kindness and how conditional our love may be. It can show us where our ego is inflamed, righteous, judging, goes hiding in victimhood, or lashes out in anger.

Thank you Life for this gift of what may have felt like "lack", but actually only served my soul with greater abundance. I am abundance, abundance I am. I am love, love I am. I am peace, peace I am.


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