Music Heals and Unites

Music heals, it uplifts, it erases boundaries and unites. It ushers you out of the overthinking, spinning, looping mind and into the heartspace. It balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, as it regulates respiration and the heart rate. It helps us to remember, to balance, and to coordinate movement. It helps us tell stories and to feel. It helps us heal, release, integrate, and move the powerful energies within us and swirling around us. It awakens and expands our consciousness.

Music is what unites the tribal community of humanity and helps us to relate to each other, connect, and to love. It is the heartbeat of the planet and the Universe. It is our heartbeat.

I bow to the grand orchestrator who knows right where to place the beat. I bow to the conductor who knows when to bring in the strings or the horn section. I bow to the accent of the most perfectly timed cymbal crash. And I am humbled and in awe knowing that although each musician has had a different number of years learning their instruments, and different life experiences and teachers, and ears for tuning, but somehow the symphony is unified and harmonious to play complete masterpiece concertos.

May the notes of sweet unified perfection ripple far and wide to wherever there might be discord. May dissonance be just a moment of forgetting our true resonance with all that is. And may we hum, strum, and return to remembering our true nature.

Om shanti,