May We Ask, "How Can I Help You?"

Written August 19 2018

Let us help each other. Let us be lovers, brothers, sisters, and friends to each other. 

I just came from the grocery store. I bought some dinner and sat at a table outside to eat just as a fire engine arrived to help a man named Jeffrey with a medical emergency. I intuitively heard that I needed to eat slowly and stay put as they sat him in a chair next to me to ask him questions and check vitals. The firefighters were so patient, caring, and compassionate. It opened my heart to see how they worked with this man. Intuitively again, I was told to stay put even though I’d finished my meal. I knew I was serving as an energetic grounding rod for the man. They determined he didn’t need to go to the hospital, but yet couldn’t drive. They tried calling his roommate who wasn’t able to come get him. I offered to drive him home...said I was a healer and happy to serve. They thanked me, but called to get him a Lyft ride home. 

Something in that fell through, so I again offered to drive him home. They needed to get their engine back on call and Jeffrey needed to home.

They agreed and Jeffrey was coherent enough to accept my offer. I said he’d be in good hands; I’d take care of him. The firefighters took my info and 8 minutes later, Jeffrey was home just as his roommate drove up. Jeffrey shared with me on the ride that he is a cancer and mental patient (lots of confusion), and hadn’t eaten much today. We talked about making sure to eat and hydrate when he got home. It’s interesting how life prepared me so well for that moment having been through so much with my dad’s dementia. It was like stepping into a familiar I helped him buckle his seatbelt. I knew exactly how to reach him. He remembered my name when we got to his home. As I pulled out of his driveway, he stood on his balcony waving goodbye saying “Thank you Julie.” 
That man is still on my mind and in my heart. We touched each others’ lives for a moment in time, but the ripples are deep. Tonight I send Jeffrey blessings of peace and perfect health. May he feel well. May we all be well and happy.

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