Love Just for the Sake of Love

Written August 25 2015

When loving your own heart, when your own innocence is the focus, you may naturally find that your questions, concerns, and speculation about what other people are doing, saying, or thinking – dissolve.

When you are clear in your heart, you see a world that is clear. It literally just "happens." There is a falling away of our bunny rabbit hoppity thinking, our frog-like ideas jumping from one lily pad to the next, a "stripping of veils" as some say, as a deeper Truth of existence is revealed.

The questions become a playground that have led us to this point in the journey, but then burn up in the fire of awakening to something far greater and more profound. As more love blossoms in your own heart, the heart instinctively "sees" everything to love, bless, appreciate, and embrace, vs. things to question, push away, create division with, or see as a sense of separation or something "lacking" in our own lives.

Love sees love. It's "concern" is simply more love, without reason, without a plan, without a timeline – just unconditional love for the sake of love.

Love & blessings,
Julie Dittmar

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