Love is Seen and Felt Everywhere When It Is In My Heart

Written August 31 2017

I trust life. I trust in the Universe’s timing and wisdom.

My heart is full of love. I find the beloved in all around me. On a visit to Sauvie Island (outside of Portland, OR) over the weekend, I deepened into love as I looked at a sunflower against the brilliant blue sky. I fell in love with each sweet bee, peach, dog, cow, child, and the woman with the cast on her foot. A friend sang a sacred prayer into my phone for me to listen to later and for that moment, and I fell in love with him and the tones of his voice. I fell in love with Frank Sinatra on the car radio. Love is seen and felt everywhere when it is in my heart. Every manifestation before me is the beloved.

Sure, “God” knows my heart’s desire to also have the beloved show up in my life as a soulmate – to have love show up in my life in that form. I’ve had visions of him. I can feel his frequency. God has known that desire for the past 8 years and not even a glimmer of that has appeared before me yet. Am I frustrated, sad, or mad about this? Am I writhing in fits of despair and victimhood? Have I given up? No. because God isn’t an idiot. I trust in the perfection of life. I trust in the Universe’s timing and wisdom. All is perfect for my journey.

There are things in that time that I needed to heal, to release, to cultivate, and to nurture. There are so many things I now realize and that have opened in me to be ready to fully recognize and receive that gift when it comes. I now do not NEED that to show up to complete or fulfill me in ways that I clung to in the past. Where I used to identify with being in a relationship as a couple and it very much affected how I moved in the world, and I lost so much of myself and my truth – that simply is no longer there. Instead, there is a ripe spaciousness, but no air or rush of desperation to fill it.

I am older, wiser, more awake and aware than ever before and keenly aware of what I have to offer all beloveds in my life. I am now open with a soft welcoming, but without the pressures of an idealized romantic partner, or rigid expectations to place on some unsuspecting person to cast in the role of “partner.” I am watching this movie to the very last frame with rapt attention. I feel an excitement, awe, and wonder at the timing and perfect unfolding of the storyline.

Each day, I wake up and treat myself in the way I would want a lover to treat me. I speak to myself as the beloved I see and feel around me. And when the beloved comes along and appears as the soulmate I have been feeling and speaking to through the ethers for years, I will thank him for his perfect timing, while simultaneously in awe of the patience that was cultivated within me.

When he swoops in to sweep me off my feet beyond whatever I might have ever been able to imagine for my life, I will bow deeply to the God as him with a knowing smile……and together we do the dance of life….just because life is just that perfect.

And if life is that perfect for me, somehow in my heart, I know it is for you, too.

We are in this love together, with every breath.

Om shanti.

With a grateful heart,

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